Marketing TipsHere are ten simple marketing tips that you can adopt straight away that will help you to improve your marketing and get better results:


Marketing Tip #1

Listen to what your prospects tell you and make notes. Also write down their questions so that you can deal with them immediately or get back to them with the relevant answer. All of these things give you clues to the problems you can help them solve. You can also use this information to help you find topics for your next article, talk and e-newsletter. Listening is a vital skill, so adopt this and prosper.

Marketing Tip #2

Plan and write out your strategy for the next meeting with a prospect. If you have a meeting scheduled with a hot prospect, write down the questions you will ask to find out their ambitions, the potential scope of their problem, what their budget is and how you’ll ask them to take the right steps to move forward. Make sure they know you are there to HELP them at all times.

Marketing Tip #3

Keep up to date with your marketing by reading marketing articles and getting tips from other experts in the industry. Most people don’t go out of their way to read about marketing. This is a relatively easy task to do and enables you to stay up to date and stay motivated to reach your personal goals. Try to do this at least once a week or more is you can. Go through the content I have here, I’m sure you will find some of it valuable to you.

Marketing Tip #4

Always pay attention to the marketing messages all around you. Try to pick out the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) and the “call-to-action” (what they want you to do). Practice this every day and you will start thinking like a marketer.

Marketing Tip #5

Support your team. If a new member of your team has set up a meeting with a prospect, go with them and help. This helps to cement your position as a leader and also keeps you fresh and demonstrates your commitment to your team and their prospects. It also indicates that there’s more to your organization than a single point of contact.

Marketing Tip #6

Pass on a copy of this article and get your team members to come up with new ideas for the next team meeting. If you can get each team member to commit one new idea that can be worked on, there is a greater chance of success. Follow this up with progress reports so that you are all accountable to see what works. Rinse and repeat this procedure to find out the best methods.

Marketing Tip #7

You can draft a 3 or 4-question survey that you can do online or even to do short, conversational telephone interviews with your target audience to find out what they struggle with…what’s on their wish list…what they want from you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you send out an email to your list. Typical subject being “I need your help” and then put a link to the short survey in the email.

Do NOT ask them if they want to buy anything from you. This is a relationship-building task, NOT a recruitment message. That comes much later. Ask other members of your team to do the same. Compare notes and discuss your findings.

Marketing Tip #8

Think of solutions that you can offer to important problems, even if they are small ones. The key is to keep things simple. It’s less intimidating for your customer to “sample” you and makes it easy for them to take a first step.

Marketing Tip #9

Marketing StrategyAs yourself questions every day and provide honest answers. A good one is “what can I share today that will make someone have a better day?” Develop a personal “Mission Statement” and repeat it to yourself regularly. You can use the question I just gave you an example of if you like. If it motivates you to offer more value, then you are on the right track.

Marketing Tip #10

Make all of these things part of your routine. Imagine yourself reaching your goals by doing any one of these things successfully and believe in your own ability. Really – it’s what professional athletes, speakers, performers, and successful people do all the time. Visualize it, and it will be so.

If somebody tells you they don’t know how to market, point out these tips and you can prove them wrong.

To The Future,

Barrie Evans


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