marketing methodsWhen you’re starting out in your business online, it’s very easy to get burdened with too many things. This can lead to overwhelm and confusion, which is something that we all need to avoid. One great way to make sure you progress and deal with this is make sure that, out of the many marketing methods there are out there, you choose just ONE and get good at it and become a true expert in that method.

What Are The Marketing Methods Available?

There are several, but to name the main genres of online marketing, we have:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing / Blogging

There are other things that are required that link to these methods, but essentially you should choose something you feel comfortable with and commit to it. You will need to learn email marketing as a matter of course, because the intention of any of these marketing methods is to build an opt in list so you can communicate and build relationships with the people on it.

Social media marketing, where you take advantage of sites such as Twitter and Facebook is the genre that requires less “outside” influences such as Search engine optimization and link building etc that Video Marketing and Blogging do. You will still need to have the means to capture leads and communicate with them, but this is a vital thing for you to do in any case.

Video Marketing is a way to “be yourself” and show yourself to a prospect in ways that the others don’t tend to do. There is a bigger connection level with video than with any other form of marketing methods in my opinion and the viewer will see the sincerity of a person and hear the enthusiasm and dedication in their voice too.

Blogging and article marketing is a way of expressing your feelings by written word. This is more “technical” in some ways because you need to learn how to write in a proper structure. If you like writing and you can share great tips in this way don’t let the work put you off. Commitment and consistency is required in ALL forms of marketing in order to succeed. The work is required, but it’s not difficult to learn. It may be time consuming, but if you enjoy what you do and you can see it will be what “floats your boat” then blogging could be your choice of marketing methods to adopt.

You can have more ways to get leads on your email list when using a blog and also several ways to promote your products and services too.

Why Choose Only One Of The Marketing Methods?

Believe me, because I speak from experience. If you try to be a “jack of all trades” you will spread yourself too thin and you won’t make any significant progress. You will be more susceptible to overwhelm and you will struggle to get out of the starting gate.

Concentrate your full attention and effort on ONE strategy and you will get good at it. What’s more, you’ll begin to get noticed and your content will “flow” and your value will grow with it. What will happen then is that people will start to get more “nosey” about you because you’re making a difference and you will get leads and signups for your business as well as making some sales too.

You will find that when you are deemed to be an expert in your chosen strategy from all of the marketing methods, you won’t need to use another, even though you could when you’re more experienced. Good luck with your choice.

To the future

Barrie Evans