benefits of email marketingThere are a great many benefits of email marketing, among them the ability to sell products to your email list so you can keep your cash flowing. The first thing you need to do is to build an email list and you also need to learn how to do this. Building the list and developing great copywriting skills are vital for any internet based marketing strategy.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing And Building A List

As I said the first thing you need to do is to build a list of email contacts. You will need to get yourself an email auto responder service that will enable you to write one email and send it to each of your subscribers. The more you can build your list, the more chance you have to get sales and sign ups because it’s the list that is your “toolbox” to essentially earn your income.

You will hear the saying that “the money is in the list” and this is true in most cases. As you gain more experience and learn how to structure your emails to get the best response from them, the more money you will make. The main thing to learn is how to write the headline though, because it’s the headline that determines how many people will open the email and see the offer. To get the best benefits of email marketing, you need to get the headline right first, and then you can tweak your email copy to the full.

There are many lead generation systems available on the internet, some are free and others are available for a fee. Check out the system I use that provides swipe copy for newbies as well as training on how to get leads quickly to develop your list and get the best from it here. As a member you have the advantage of a free auto responder service for up to 500 list subscribers. Click here for more information.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing, What Next?

Remember the importance of email and the potential it can have to grow your business and enable you to “make money at will” when you develop the skills you require to be a master. Don’t shirk this, because this is the one thing that will give you a lasting business and you should take advantage of it to reap the benefits of email marketing.

email marketingWhen you write your email, you need to write like you speak. Write as though you’re talking to the reader as a friend, but remember you are essentially only writing to ONE person. As you know, every person is different and reacts differently to offers than the next person. If you learn to write a little about your day when you introduce your email, it will show the reader you are having an ordinary day just like them. This is all part of the communication and “know, like, trust” scenario that you need to portray.

The email you send is part of the relationship process and a way to build trust in you. Offering value, not necessarily all about product on every occasion is the key to building that trust. You will need to send offers out so you can make some money, but make sure that they are of value to your list or they will soon leave you. If you have used the product you are recommending and can share some results too then this will build more rapport and trust with them too.

Developing your copywriting skill will be essential for you to develop a good email marketing campaign. Basically, the campaign should be daily. Every day is a different one and you need to write regularly to develop the relationship and the trust.

To summarize – for the biggest benefits of email marketing, you need to develop the list, learn how to write compelling headlines that get the mail opened and then write to your “friend”, the ONE person who is reading your message at any one time. Do this and you will be on your way to creating a great following and a list of hungry buyers in the future.

To the future

Barrie Evans