Benefits of social networking for businessWhat are the benefits of social networking for business? As we all know, the main function of social networking is to allow members who have similar interests to communicate with each other. Because of the popularity of this particular resource these days, you can take advantage of this valuable tool to promote your business.

Business Promotion

With social networking sites having so many ways for you to promote your business for free, with fan pages on Facebook for example, this resource is a potential gold mine if you can use them properly. The opportunities to promote your business for free are limitless provided that you add value and build relationships and don’t “pitch” your business straight to your new found friends. Most people dislike being bombarded with business offers and sales jargon. If you build relationships and ask questions of your new found friend, find out what they need and then offer a solution to their problem, you will be successful and get them to join you or buy from you. Studies show that people who know and trust you are more receptive to a familiar face rather than saying yes to a stranger.

Join More Than One Social Network Site

You should get onto several social networking sites as possible. To start with you will need to sign up to become a member, and then create a profile page to let people know all about you. Keep your profile as personal as you can because people buy from people, but also show people you are in business. A personal photo of you smiling or enjoying something with your family is good because it shows you are a real person. Put a company logo onto your page by all means, but keep things simple and focused on you.

Using Information to Your Advantage

Use the info section to tell others more about you and your business. Put links to your website in there and promote yourself and your business by offering VALUE to your potential new friend. Tell everyone what you have that could solve the problems them may have, but don’t overdo things. Position yourself as an expert and offer advice to those who ASK you for it. That way your popularity will grow and you will start to obtain leads for your business and get sales.

Once you have updated your status a few times and get the hang of the site and it’s terms and conditions, you may be able to include some useful links to your blog posts or website that offer valuable information to your friends. Keep this information to your own personal page. Don’t go and post to your friend’s pages directly marketing your business because that is unethical and can be considered downright rude. Remember that whatever you post on your page is usually shared with people who want to hear from you because they are your friends and have given you permission to contact them.

Join Relevant Groups

If possible look for relevant groups based on the subject of your particular niche. This will enable you to find out what others are taking about and what the other member’s problems are. You never know, you could have the perfect solution they are looking for. It is also possible that the information contained in the group will give you ideas so you can develop and add new products.

To grow your client base or prospect list according to the type of business you are promoting, keep adding value and quality content. This will help get your stuff shared more and your popularity will grow and so will your business.

As well as the most well known social networking sites, do a search for other sites that are relevant to your niche. That way you don’t have to search for the people who may require your services, but you will find more people who are already looking for your type of service on networks that are relevant to your niche.

Because you add value and show you have solutions to problems people may have, your reputation will grow and your authority in your subject will be recognised, giving you every opportunity to build your business successfully.

Networking for businessSocial Networking is a great tool to promote your business. The best thing is that it is usually free because the owners of the social networking sites know that they can obtain revenue from advertisers so they don’t have to charge for membership. You can take advantage of paid advertising within the social networking sites, but you can also benefit from social networking for your business free if you keep to providing value and quality to your friends and followers.

To be seen as a successful and an expert in your niche, make sure you put in the time and effort to get noticed. Social network is not the “be all and end all” to promote your business online, but is a useful tool in your effort to grow your business and get leads and customers.

Here’s to your future success

Barrie Evans

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