Music and MindsetHave you heard about the young, extremely talented blind and autistic pianist?

I was watching the TV news and there was a piece about him and the new especially composed concerto that he is about to perform. I was amazed to see his wonderful talent and his fantastic ability to play any piece of music after only hearing it ONCE!


What does this say to me?

I remember when I was young and learning to play piano that I thought it was nearly impossible to learn the music to play without the score in front of me. I was even more convinced when the piece was long and complicated. I also remember being completely in awe of those brilliantly talented concert pianists who had remembered the music and played it perfectly. It wasn’t because I couldn’t learn to do this, it was because my mindset was not right and I didn’t train myself to do without the score. The score was something I depended on and I didn’t have belief in my ability to throw it off the piano and play the piece without it and use my own memory and power of the mind.

As I moved on and later joined the band, I learned to play without music because it was more professional. All of a sudden the blockage had gone and I could learn music quicker and do without it. I was even more able to “play by ear”. Yes, the more difficult the piece of music, the harder it was to learn by heart, but setting aside my previous mindset and adopting my new belief in my ability to do this I succeeded. Even now after not playing regularly for several years, I can still remember things.


What can we all learn from this?….

That the human mind is the most powerful tool we have. If you get yourself into the right frame of mind and adopt the right attitude and mindset you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

blind autistic pianistThe young blind and autistic chap has an advantage because in his own mind, he didn’t have the barriers in his life that can stop his talent and amazing ability coming to the fore and enable him to have such enjoyment from his talent and give so much pleasure to others by entertaining us with his brilliance. Unlike him, a lot of us have so many things to stop is from achieving what we want because we believe we can’t do it!


The mind is powerful and belief in our own ability is key. Putting the correct mindset and the right training all together it is very possible for us to succeed and achieve what we want to achieve. Yes, some people take to things like “ducks to water” and others take a little longer, but we can all achieve our goals if we adopt the right mindset, be consistent and have belief.

If you can consider these things in your business and look forward to better things in the future as long as you take action on what you learn. There is nothing better than generating your own leads. The first one is the first milestone, then adopting the techniques I have learned (and still learning) you can achieve greater things.

Remember – the only people who truly fail are those that QUIT!

To the future

Barrie Evans

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