leadership skillsThere are specific leadership skills that are needed in business, but are these universal? When in a corporate type of environment or manager of a team of people who are responsible to you for their performance in the work place, you lead the team towards specific tasks and tell these people what is required of them and then make sure that it’s done. This may be a simple analogy and there are more skills to effective leadership than that of course. Are these basics true of every kind of business?

Leadership Skills For Network Marketers

When getting into network marketing you will need to develop leadership skills from the very start. These skills are similar in some ways to the corporate leader, especially when you consider the encouragement to do what is necessary to progress the business. There are some differences however that will require a slightly different approach.

You will be leading a team of independent business owners who have VOLUNTEERED into your team. They will do this because they see you as someone who can HELP them. Because of this you will NEVER be in a situation where you have an idiom of control over them and therefore more emphasis is put onto you to lead by EXAMPLE! It’s also your job to help people and let them see your influence first hand.

There are people who believe that those who are great leaders are “born” to lead. This is not the case. As with everything else in life it has to be learned, which means that a great majority of people can also become leaders when they dedicate and apply themselves to be leaders.

A leader in network marketing is there to DIRECT people to carry out the right tasks in order to grow their business. The growth within the team is the way to build income and essentially get a pay rise every month!

Use Your New Leadership Skills Straight Away!

leadership in network marketingAs soon as you get into your new business you need to learn and adopt the skills and use them BEFORE you sponsor anyone. Learn to lead by example from the outset and people will do the same when they join you. Focus your main attention on those who actually DO the work! I don’t mean you should ignore the rest and not help them, but if they don’t do the work or ask for help if in trouble with things, you need to concentrate on those who will work to build their business and therefore build yours too.

For those who are not working, ask them questions and see if they need help in case they feel awkward asking for help. Some people do feel this so it’s a good idea to ask. That way you won’t be ignoring them and they won’t have an excuse to blame you for not helping them.

You must also consider that 95% of people won’t take action so make sure you take everything into consideration and ASK people if they need help as advised earlier. That was you will know who is likely to work with you and be serious about growing their business. Those people who take action will warrant more of your valuable time.

Remember that leaders in network marketing ALWAYS provide VALUE. This can some in valuable content, training or anything that will help people with their business. It’s important to leverage whatever you can to help you to provide this value. If, like me, you work inside a training and affiliate system, you may have a library of training and useful products that will help the people in your team. Tell your people about your system so that they can take advantage of it too.

Be consistent and provide valuable content regularly.

3 things you need to remember when striving to be a leader:

  1. Have the reading habits of a leader. If you don’t like to read a lot then at least listen to an inspirational audio to help your personal development.
  2. Always expect the BEST of people.
  3. Surround yourself with people who have the skills you want and soak up their knowledge and information like a sponge!

Be prepared for rejection and work through it. If you get knocked back, keep getting up and moving on. Accept that people do say “no” and will reject you, but show that nothing is going to stop you from getting what you want from your new business. Working on your new leadership skills is the start. Here’s to you building a great business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans