How important is giving VALUE when marketing home based business?

In fact, the old saying “Give and you will receive” is more relevant nowadays than ever before. Why?……

In today’s society value is one of the most important elements in ANY business, but more so in the home business arena. With the dominance of social media and other methods that are now used to build relationships, it’s vital that you don’t get left behind in your business while others are taking big steps in their business by adopting the new techniques.

It’s not that long ago that marketer’s would contact their list of customers / prospects and just pitch for a sale and be successful in getting the sale. Yes, there was always a benefit and some value, but now people want to know what YOU personally have to offer them if they buy from you.

When building email lists, it’s more and more important to have some personal insight into what is happening in your day, building trust through the knowledge you are a real person. Then you move on to offering something that is deemed to be of benefit and valuable to the reader and then giving them a reason to act by clicking the link to your product or service. Free information helps to build this trust, but that has to have VALUE, or it will be ignored and your credibility will suffer. It’s possible to give away some of your BEST ideas and still make a profit, simply because of the value and the assurance to the potential customer that you are genuine and not just looking for the “quick buck”. Expectations from potential customers DEMANDS more value. Personal branding and offering valuable information for FREE is a major part of the sales process these days.

When using Social Media giving value is even more important. If you become somebody’s friend or follow a business page and you just go to promote your business or offer without adding to the conversation you will soon be ignored and even blocked from commenting. If, however, you find something of interest to you and provide a useful tip or add to the conversation in a practical way, you are offering value and you will be noticed and will get more people to follow you and therefore more leads.

Value builds relationships, email lists and therefore your business, so don’t get left behind.

Barrie Evans

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