importance of personal developmentI have a story to tell. There was a time when the importance of personal development for me was zero. I believed that it was all a load of rubbish and that all we had to do was to carry on as we had been taught and trained and life would pan out anyway. How wrong I was! Since I have worked on myself, the importance of personal development has become more evident every day.

The Importance Of Personal Development, My Story

I was working in my own business as an electrician. I didn’t like the work because it was boring for me. I always worked to be the best I could be as that was how I was brought up. I was working on “autopilot” essentially on a day to day basis. I wasn’t happy and I wanted to be more fulfilled.

After a few years I tried to move things forward, but because my heart wasn’t in the work I failed to get my business working properly. After the business ultimately failed, I was feeling sorry for myself and just felt so bitter about so many things that had gone on over the last few years. I was in a proper state to tell the truth.

Then I found a person who has become a friend and colleague in the business I now do. He had told me he also had issues and was open and honest with me from the start. I realized that I had been missing out because I could relate to everything that my new friend was telling me about. What I did was to start to look at myself. Some other people I had started to follow spoke about this guy Tony Robbins and how he helped them. I searched and found a load of Tony Robbins’ stuff and listened with intent at what he had to say. I knew then that I had to make a change because it made so much sense.

I started to read, which is something I had never done a lot of. Seeing more and more of myself in what I was reading, I became more self aware than ever before and it was then I realized something was “missing”. I knew that whatever was wrong, it was holding me back. It took me nearly 2 years to find out what this was. I went to an event that was the first of its kind here in the UK and got to know a lady called Lyne Driscoll. Thanks to her I found out that there were a couple of things blocking my mind and holding me back. The long term issues were from my School days and the more recent from a few years of upheaval in my personal life. These were addressed in just 2 sessions and it was then I realized the great importance of personal development in my life.

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It Was Time To Take Advantage Of The Importance Of Personal Development

My biggest regret is that it wasn’t until I was 50 years old that I realized the importance of personal development to both me and my business. Being more self aware and having dealt with the major issues, I knew that I could progress. This didn’t stop me from making some very bad decisions that cost me dearly and caused me to regress a little, but essentially the strength the personal development process has given me has helped me to change for the better.

I have never been so focused after making a determined decision to change and I know I am on the way to bigger and better things. Looking over my shoulder at what used to be only motivates this change more, where previously it used to depress me. There is still a lot of work to do, but now there is a clearer and brighter light at the end of the tunnel. I know it’s just a matter of time and consistent action ‘til I break out of the tunnel into that light.

Mindset and personal development isn’t a “new thing” as thought by some. It’s been around for longer than we can imagine and we all need to take advantage of it. There isn’t a day that goes by now where I don’t listen to a motivational call to help me clear my mind, read a book that will inspire me or a day when I won’t go out for a walk to take in the beauty of everything around me and relish the things that inspire me. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of personal development for you and your business either, because you may regret it if you do.

To the future

Barrie Evans