effective marketing campaignIf you’re new to online marketing you will need an effective marketing campaign in order to get started. The most valuable advice is to keep your marketing simple. Simple, because it’s easy to understand and for you it will be quicker and easier to implement.

How To Develop A Simple Effective Marketing Campaign

When taking your business online you will generally require a website and complicated (unless you already know what you’re doing) search engine optimization techniques – or so many people think!

  • TRUE – you need to have a means of capturing names and email addresses for your subscriber list
  • TRUE – you need to create content so you can be noticed
  • TRUE – you need to syndicate and share that content

This is not hard, despite the fear you may have that it is. With practice it can be a quick and effective. There is so much training available on the internet that can teach you HOW to do things like these.

The best way I know is to find a system that is ready made and that provides training and all kinds of capture pages made for your use that are proven to convert. You can find out more about this system and take a $2 trial and see what is on offer HERE.

You can create different kinds of content such as simple articles giving people tips about what you have learned. Another way is to get a screen capture software, such as Cam Studio (this is free), and you can capture an offer page you may be affiliated to and do a simple voice over explaining how valuable the system is and providing another way to build your list. It’s very possible, with practice, to make several videos in just an hour of your time using this simple strategy. Posting these to your own You Tube channel with simple headlines and descriptions including a link to the offer itself below the video is sufficient.

So you now have some content. What next? You can syndicate this content and share on social media and forums applicable to you niche, not forgetting social media groups. Do your research on social media groups and see how much activity there is in the group and how many members there are in it.

While you’re getting this stuff out there, you can spend time you set aside to learn other skills and techniques such as simple to advanced SEO and much more depending on what you’re comfortable with.

This is just the simple foundation of a simple and effective marketing campaign that will enable you to make a start in your online business efforts.

To The Future,

Barrie Evans