helping othersThere are so many opportunities around these days, but all of us need to understand that the opportunity of helping others to succeed is everywhere too. When working in the home business arena and looking to build a team that will help you to grow and develop your own business, it’s your job to be the helper. Many people are crying out for guidance and since helping others is part of our remit, then we should take every opportunity afforded to us to do it.

Helping Others To Find Their Way

Fear stops a great number of people from trying to follow whatever dreams they have. I don’t know how many people are put off by the “fear factor” in total, but I believe it’s quite a high percentage. Whether this is down to the system or the fact that they don’t know that the possibility exists for them to break free from what they “put up with” and get into a business they dream about.

I’m surprised in one way (and yet not surprised too) about how many people there are that don’t know about network marketing. Yes, a lot have heard bad things about certain opportunities and because they don’t know any better, they assume it’s something bad.

The approach that some have used in the past has helped to cause some of this illusion, but when we use the situation to help those people who want it to find their way, we can all benefit. Helping others is a key to unlock a better future for a lot more people than you could imagine if we listen and take notice of what’s around us.

Helping Others To A Better Future With Us

Helping peopleSo, you have found some people to help and they are in your team. Helping others to succeed in the business is the next step. We need to have a plan for ourselves and our team so we can look to the future with confidence. This plan will include getting our team started in the right way so that they start by helping others too.

This will lead to growth and more for everyone because of the process of duplication.

Too many people are bent on showing the money and trying to “entice” people with what may be called the “greed syndrome”. This may be a little unfair, but I see this as a little desperate and you won’t know the kind of person who you’re getting into your business. When you offer help for the prospect’s problems and can provide a solution you will be more attractive to them than approaching with the “buy this because you need it” statement BEFORE you even know them and what their troubles are.

Helping others is something that I have a real passion for. I believe that providing help and solutions to problems is much better than saying “buy this, buy that” because that’s what leads to a bad reputation. Have PRIDE in what you do and don’t be afraid to GIVE a little. I know you’re in business, but you can still make money AND help people too.

If you can commit yourself to helping others to achieve success and to solve their problems, you will benefit a lot more in the long run because the reciprocation you get from those you have helped will be more than you will ever expect. Human nature is to respond like for like in many cases and we can achieve a lot from helping others

To the future

Barrie Evans.