The power of self disciplineWhen you are trying to develop and build a home based business, whether online or offline, by traditional means or with MLM, one of the most important things that can be overlooked is the power of self discipline. Personal development is a key part of getting the best from your home business efforts these days and will set you apart from those who ignore this.

So, what are the major things you need to focus on to maintain powerful self discipline in your everyday business life? Discussed here are 5 useful tips on how to achieve this:

1.    Take “baby steps”:
When you were a baby, did you try to run before you mastered the skill of walking? Unlikely, because you instinctively mastered the one thing before you tried the other. This is no different in business.
Make your goals achievable and take small steps to massive action. Don’t so what a lot of people do – expect things to happen overnight. Trying these “overnight” methods usually lead to failure and then giving up. Remember it takes time to develop and achieve success. Think of the long term success and develop the short term step by step, which will build a solid foundation to the long lasting success you crave.
This way, if you are faced with a problem or hurdle that you may find daunting, it’s easier to find the solution if you are focused on the “step 1” goal and you can overcome the problem and move on. Trying to do things too quickly may lead to you facing larger and more difficult problems that require more complex solutions and you will be stuck and more likely to quit.
You wouldn’t go out and exercise for 45 minutes a day when your body could only handle 15 would you? That’s the recipe for failure. Building up from 15 minutes a day to 45 is far better because your fitness grows and it gets easier.
Setting achievable goals is key and taking the small steps to massive action is a major step to getting through the early stages of your personal and business development.

2.    Try not to procrastinate:
One of the best ideas is to make a daily activity plan and stick to it. Take action on achieving your goal and then move on to the next one. Set yourself a deadline and try your best to achieve it!
Try to avoid procrastination as this will slow things down and you can get disheartened. Any kind of procrastination makes the path to self discipline a much longer one. Make sure you stick to your daily plan to reach your goals. As you achieve each little goal, this will strengthen you belief and inner resolve and will help you to set and achieve each of the goals you make in the future.

3.    Every day changes:
You need to make changes to your everyday schedule to achieve your goals. It is a good idea to start with smaller things to move towards discipline. These changes may be as small as waking up at 5am to do your study or waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual to perform some exercise. Every day must be taken into account. If you miss a day, it’s possible that the discipline level falls and it will weaken your resolve and ability to achieve the goals you have set. You may need a break sometimes, but a little action every day will build that discipline. The most important thing is planning and action to change.

4.    Vision – where you want to be and what you want to eventually achieve:
One of the most important parts of this self discipline and personal development exercise is to know where you want to be and what you want to achieve in your life. Take time to sit and visualize how you will feel when you have achieved the goals you have set out and remind yourself it will only be possible if you take these smaller daily steps. If you know what it would take to achieve a particular thing make an outline and take actions to immediately set out to achieve these things. The visualization process helps you to focus and maintain the goal even if you get distracted with other things.

5.    Get a coach / mentor: self discipline
Getting a coach or mentor to help you achieve this and make you accountable for your action can be a great help. A coach is more likely to ask you what you have done, rather than ask you what you are GOING to do. This way you can get the best advice and help so you can progress to the next level you have set out.
Self discipline will make you accountable to yourself. A coach will help to keep you focused and help you to achieve things better. You are less likely to procrastinate if you have a coach because you will be set tasks and encouraged to get them done on time.

These are just 5 simple steps to achieving better self discipline. I hope you will develop this skill and realize the power of self discipline in order to get the best from your business and to achieve great things.

To the future,
Barrie Evans