Proof of the puddingWhy is the “proof of the pudding” in the email? It’s not just in the email, but because emails are sent every day and used to market to us, it’s the most likely place to see it.

Have you received emails that promise to make you a millionaire in a few short months? A lot of these really do make me laugh. Why? Because they offer no social proof most of the time and also it’s not something that we would normally feel is credible. Perhaps they have the numbers for the next big lottery win – not!!!

I have received many of these emails and should really have taken the time to reply. I know a friend of mine did and it’s not surprising that he got no reply to his most important question. Having received an email promising to make him a millionaire, he felt compelled to reply to the email to find out more details and got an initial reply that said “I can make you a millionaire in just TWO months, we have to meet to discuss this” – that was it!

The next question was the important one. My friend replied asking “Have you made this money yourself?” Guess what? He had no reply – surprise surprise!!

Which brings me onto the point of proof…

Even though I have been taught some amazing things, If they haven’t yet worked for me, I can’t go out and tell people that it is working for me. When I have mastered the skill and it does work, then that’s the time to share results and provide the proof of success. How could anyone be seen a credible when they go out and say that “this works” without showing proof?

Proof is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that simply must be included in order to succeed…

For example, If you are working with someone at the moment who has developed a great product, One of the best ways to start out promoting this on a website could be to follow the headline with a customer testimonial, such as ‘I had x problem until I found this amazing product that helped me to do y’.

Testimonials can offer something that is incredibly powerful, yet so simple.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Basically, an entrepreneur is someone that is prepared to invest money to make money, knowing that the worst case scenario is that they will get their initial investment back. The most important thing an entrepreneur does every day is to tame ACTION and make a step forward every day.

Proof of the puddingIf you hadn’t researched your market properly, or found out typical prices for products in your niche, it’s highly likely you would be guessing most things – much like an average gambler does when he places a bet on a horse for instance,

If you knew everything you could about your niche however, you would be able to run tests of your own and be pretty sure that you cut out the guess work and gambling and be able to turn a small investment into a profit.

When you have discovered this system you would have more valuable proof to share with your prospects and business partners so that they can make the same choices and be a successful as you. This will help your credibility and enhance your reputation, which will attract more prospects to you.

If you were to be considered a gambler, it would be as a professional gambler who studies the form guides in depth and takes away the worst risk in order to make money instead of losing it.

So, when you email your list and have a story to tell, provide proof of the results. If they are not your own and you are sharing someone else’s product because you believe it valuable to your list, be truthful, open and honest with them. If you have achieved success through this system, provide the proof. If not, provide the proof of the person who developed the product you are sharing. Be trustworthy to gain trust from your prospects. Liars and cheats don’t prosper ultimately, but those who are honest have the most credibility and the more solid business in the end.

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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