The Right Ethics For Online Network Marketing.

internet network marketingOne very scary thing with network marketing opportunities is that some companies have strict rules about working your business online. I have known distributors to have been dismissed and have lost large organizations due to the companies that don’t permit online network marketing because it’s “against the rules” and sends out the “wrong message”!!

Let’s Face It Online Network Marketing Is Here To Stay!

“Online network marketing” is here to stay and so the companies who want to remain “secretive” due to the bad reputation of being branded “pyramid schemes” only leads to more suspicion and mistrust. The online marketplace is surely the place to educate the public against these misconceptions of “pyramid” because each company has to be licensed by the government to operate. Most people don’t realize that the old excuse of “it looks like a pyramid scheme” can easily be shown as unfounded because of the facts available. When made available, this would give more transparency to the whole range of services and companies and perhaps change the perception of the system to be more acceptable to everyone.

The principles of online marketing, when carried out correctly are sound and when trained correctly, the online marketer will be a person who considers others and ethically plies his trade WITHOUT spamming people all over social media and many other avenues. Too many people simply PITCH, which leaves the best and most ethical marketers struggling in some cases, but in many cases reeling in the right people because their approach is different.

Why do the majority fail to make a difference? Because the network marketing companies don’t provide the correct training in a lot of cases. It’s left to leaders of teams of distributors to do this task and then if something goes wrong, the company could have an excuse to terminate contracts because of poor marketing practices.

Is It Time To Encourage Online Network Marketing?

I believe it is time to encourage online network marketing, but only if the correct training is given to approach people the right way and form relationships so they don’t feel threatened and bombarded with “join my company” or ridiculous claims of riches in days! NOTHING happens without WORK!

So, what if there was a network marketing opportunity that ENCOURAGES people to work online instead of trying to control everything. A company that has a revolutionary product that they want to share everywhere in the world and all they need to send this product out is an envelope that is only big enough to put a greeting card in? What if the company has been working with top marketers to put together a system to market online ethically to get this message all around the world? This is additional to the traditional methods that are also marketing online

Would this interest you?

If this is indeed something that would interest you, I would suggest you take a look at this opportunity HERE.

There are fast start systems to get you into profit as quickly as possible and ongoing training that will keep you “in the loop” as well as fantastic support from experienced online marketers who are on hand to help you to be successful.

If you’re happy with your current company and want to ethically market your opportunity and brand yourself, there is an alternative. The training system I currently use has been running successfully since 2008 and grows every year. With opportunities to fund your business advertising through affiliate products and use the funded proposal strategies, you can successfully grow your business using these systems without being penalized by your network marketing company. Designed for the network marketer to help the network marketer have a strong and successful business, MLSP is certainly one system I would strongly recommend to anyone.

It’s time to embrace online network marketing as a viable method of growing a network marketing business. The main thing is to make sure the correct training and ethical marketing practices are adopted to avoid the mistakes of spamming links to all and sundry, but instead building trust and relationships with your prospects instead. Believe me, the right way to market will prove to be the best way to grow.

To the future

Barrie Evans

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15 Responses to The Right Ethics For Online Network Marketing.

  • It’s a shame that some network marketing still not allow to market online. It’s not for all people to do the marketing the old traditional way. For some are the online way the ideal way to market.

    • Agree with you totally Bruno. I don’t understand why some companies are so against marketing online. Perhaps it’s because of the spam? That’s something that good education can get rid of and we all need to encourage better ways to market so it’s more ethical and spam becomes a thing of the past in essence.

  • Great tips Barrie! 🙂 Thanks for posting

  • Great post Barrie and it’s true online marketing is becoming more popular by the day.

  • Hey Barrie,

    Like Bruno said above, in this day and age, it really is sad that people are still not able to market online. Personally if I was in this situation as hard as it might be. I think I would have to cut all ties with a company with such backward thinking attitudes and start to look for a new venture.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

  • I think there is huge scope for network marketing onlineBarrie …at the end of the day is is just the same, forming relationships with people and looking for the people who are looking for your products and business. I think companies might get the hump because online marketers often brand themselves first, rather than the business name.
    My thoughts are, that for successful network marketing online … one picks a company that embraces and encourages it’s distributors to market that way alongside the traditional methods. Sometimes the power of both ways together is greater than the sum of the two!
    Just like the one you Promote 🙂

    • There is a huge scope Jacs, I agree. The one thing that concerns me is the attitude of some companies, hence the post. I believe they may be scared of the spamming of people affecting their credibility as a business and therefore have this poor attitude of online marketing and their business. We know that when done correctly, the business can thrive BIG time, but unfortunately it’s not always seen that way.

  • Barrie: First thought was “BTDT – Got the T-shirt” with the “justifications” you outline. Although this is a short-sighted position, the good news (for me) was that it tested my commitment to my cause. Because I believe in what I do, it just required some modifications to my marketing tactics and strategy. As Andrew Carnegie accurately observed to Napoleon Hill – “every obstacle contains the seed of an equal or greater success”. More Power To You! prp

  • Hello Barrie Evans, you are 100% right online network marketing is a new emerging trend which Multi Level Marketing should start adopting it. All your information is authentic and downline will definitely start joining through online platform day by day. I think direct selling companies should divert their few funds on online marketing to generate leads for business.

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