have you made a decisionMy thanks to Mark Harbert for these tips. I found them inspiring and something that resonated with me a lot. Question is have you made a decision? I know that it took me a while to make a decision to draw a line in the sand EVERY day and there would be NOTHING that would get in my way. The three tips based on decisions were something that actually happened to me. I like to “tell it as it is” and rather than base things all on psychology, I base things on my experience and offer tips according to those experiences.

Made A Decision To Change Your Business?

Basically decisions are based on 3 things. Mark calls it the 3 D’s and I concur because they are linked in every way. These are:

  1. Decision
  2. Desire
  3. Details

When you have made a decision to draw a line in the sand and not be distracted because you have made the decision to make sure you will not be beaten and have committed yourself to the action you need to do to develop the business and success you want, then you have complied with the first D that is decision.

Making a decision is not enough, you also need to have commitment and have an appropriate action plan. Making the decision with conviction will promote Desire and you will then be on your way to complying with part 2. Desire will build when you have made a decision and gets stronger. Don’t get impatient and expect things to happen so quickly that it’s unrealistic. Slow and steady progress will grow a more solid and lasting success. How many people have you seen who makes a big success quickly also lose it all quickly? Slow and steady is best so don’t panic.

So You Made A Decision And Have The Desire Now For The Details…

Having made a decision and having a big desire, it’s time for part 3, which is to take action on the details. You need to choose what method of marketing you want to adopt, you need to find out the details in order to base your action plan around those details.

You need to find a proven system and work through the coaching step by step. Your action plan should be definite and doable. If you want to do blogging, then you need to commit yourself to do a blog post a day or whatever you can comfortably do and stick to it. If you want to use video marketing you need to commit to how many videos you will do weekly and stick to it. Base your work around consistency for at least 90 days because it’s consistency that leads to recognition and success.

Blogging will need a course on how to write the best content, how to get your blog ranked in the search engines and build your brand. Likewise, you will need to get yourself a course if you want to become an expert in video marketing. Should you prefer to go down the route of social media such as Facebook, then a suitable social media marketing course will be the right one for you.

The courses are the details and what you base your action plan on. Investment in your time and education is vital for you to develop authority in your niche and help you to stand out.

Have you made a decision to make a difference in your life? Work through the 3 D’s and make sure that you’re on the right track and looking to build your desire and actions to a successful business.

To the future

Barrie Evans