Think like a champion When you have your own business it’s vital that you get things done and keep your discipline. One of the best things I heard the other day was to think like a champion. Why is that? Because a champion does MORE behind the scenes when nobody is watching than when in front of a crowd. Naturally, they perform BETTER when in front of a crowd, but the self motivation is there to get the success.

It can be a lonely time when you work at home taking the steps you want to so that you can reach your goals, but it’s also very tempting to have a rest sometimes and then you could fail to get something done that may one day be the one thing you should have done that will see you progress towards those goals.

Don’t be a would have, should have, could have type of person. Do what you need to do every day and be determined to DO the do until you are rocking it!

This video was inspired by the daily mindset calls that we get from Diane Hochman and the crew at the Million Mind March.

Think Like A Champion!

Get to work. It’s up to YOU to make the difference in your life. Did you know that only 10% of people who want to run a business from home actually DO? That means 90% will buy the products to help them achieve what they want and yet they will do NOTHING!

Be a “10%” kind of person, get to grips and be your own Champion! If someone tells you you’re not doing enough then look at yourself and see if you need to do more.

If you believe it’s harsh on you, then think about it this way:

Harsh is not harsh when it’s the truth!  (Diane Hochman)

Change your mind!

Change your income!

Change your LIFE!

Think like a champion….

To the future,

Barrie Evans