Think RichWhen you think rich first you position your mind and whole thought process that will give you the right poise and confidence that will emanate from you before you take action. Two things come to mind when I consider this think rich positioning:

  • “A rich man has a rich man’s thoughts before he takes a rich man’s action” Wallace Wattles
  • Be + Think + DO = HAVE

Why Think Rich First?

When you are working your business and looking to progress, generating leads and most of all making money, it’s important to think in a certain way before you take the action to be doing any of these things. Why is it that two different people who are given the same script and the same system could have totally opposite levels of success? One will have massive success, while the other one will fail. They BOTH have the same system and received the same training and yet the results are so much different!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the top marketers don’t appear to get the same objections as other marketers. The top guys don’t get these because of how they “position” themselves. They have poise and confidence that is evident to anyone and therefore they don’t generally have to persuade people. In fact they tend NOT to try to persuade people who object because it’s usually the case the objector is not of the right mind to do anything!

“Signing up someone who is not of the right mind to DO something is worthless!” – Diane Hochman

Who are we being and what are we thinking before we are doing? When we are creating content, whether it be video, blog post or any other form of content we use in our marketing; who we are being and what we are thinking will determine the way it’s received. When you have the right mind BEFORE you create the content then you will be much more likely to present with poise and confidence and your content will subsequently be better received.

Think Rich And Don’t Be Desperate!

Don’t appear desperate. Think rich and your whole demeanour will show. Answer these simple questions:

Are you being………

  • someone who leads people?
  • someone that loves on people?
  • someone that has a message to share?
  • someone who wants to help a young mother be able to stay at home with her kids
  • someone who knows someone whose teenager wants to go to University but doesn’t have the money to enable them to go and wants to help them to achieve this?


  • someone who is out to make a buck?

If you’re any of the former 5 options, then you will be more attractive to those people who you are connecting with. If you’re the latter, then you’re more likely to feel remorse, guilt or similar bad feelings at some stage and also NOT be attractive to those people you are connecting with.

When you’re a person who shows people what you know and believes that what you know will help them, you are more likely to see a successful outcome. Don’t go out and make false promises or statements that you cannot prove. In other words, be REAL! Don’t be a fake because people see through a faker!

GIVE freely of what you know and you will be fulfilled and also be a lot more attractive to your prospects. Your ship will sail a long way when you do this. If you’re going to do stuff just for YOU, then your ship will flounder and sink!

People all around you are searching for help. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the one they found who can help them? Be the person who is their guide and leader and then don’t be surprised when they reward you.

When you stand in front of people who are looking, they will pay you!

Think Rich; develop your thoughts and apply them before you take any action. This way you will master the spirit and purpose of attraction.

To the future

Barrie Evans