thoughts on attitudeEverybody has different thoughts on attitude, and the way you actually think can change your attitude. I have been aware of a change in some people’s attitude when they are told a story that triggers and imaginary and emotional response from them based on what they are told. There are many people who have negative thoughts about very positive things and also people who have an imagination based thought process that put them off things. These attitudes generally have a detrimental effect on the outcome that should be accepted based on truth rather than assumption. Is everything as bad as we make it out to be?

Thoughts On Attitude – This May Make You Leave Before The End

Ok, so if I tell you this story, you may get an imaginary feeling that might make you cringe. Our thoughts on attitude that can make us this way are due I believe to imaginary feelings that are based on the “very thought” of something.

Two years ago I had to have an operation on my eye to repair a detached retina. The procedure was something that, if I were to think about it, would have truly put me off having the operation. Because I had the attitude that it was the operation or going totally blind in my one eye, the thoughts didn’t occur to me about what the feelings would be like.

Pre op was 2 injections into my eye area, one by the side and another with a long needle just under the eye. I had to be awake throughout the whole procedure and yet there was no trepidation, but a resignation that I had to get on with it to have a successful outcome. I basically saw the whole thing and had to lie completely still. The surgeon went into the eyeball to remove the dried blood, which was fascinating, then they repaired the damage to the retina (there were 3 tears) with a laser.

The worst thing was the gas that had to be put into the eye to help the repair to complete. Thankfully the procedure was successful.

Thoughts On Attitude – The Moral Of The Story

The moral of my story is that should I have actually dwelled on the procedure and thought about it, I would probably have been terrified! Fear would have overcome my thoughts and my attitude would have been much different. It wasn’t a bad experience in any way. Ok, I would have preferred not going through it, but because I resigned myself to the facts of going blind or saving my sight, the decision and reaction was inevitable for me.

The same thing happens with our business. There are things that we are uncomfortable with and fear takes over. When you resign yourself to having to get over obstacles in your life and business then you will get to the other side. It’s not really as bad as we imagine.

Take your own thoughts on attitude seriously and “be brave” if that’s how you want to see it. I have had a successful outcome to my surgery, even though I have a cataract in the same eye that requires removal at the time of writing this. I have my sight and everything is good. I wish everything was as “easy” to overcome (wink).

To the future

Barrie Evans