Blogging for your business to help peopleWhy do we need a blog and what are the best tips to blogging for your business?

Having a blog is about being findable online. A blog can help you to build relationships and get leads into your business by turning the tables on your recruiting – making people come to you!

Blogging for your business is fast becoming essential – just like having an email address or telephone number! You wouldn’t even consider going into business without these tools, and the same is true now for blogging.

According to Home Business Magazine… *

“By creating and effectively leveraging a blog for your business, you will rank higher in search engines, attract more targeted traffic to your site, create and establish repeat traffic, and get more sales of your products and services.”

So that you are more able to rapidly grow your business online you need to reach a greater number of people, faster, and for little or no money. Blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this! You can start today, and start seeing results and interaction as quickly as tomorrow.

What Exactly Is a Blog?

A blog is a website that has greater flexibility and structure than most other websites. A blog usually has its own domain name (like, will rank in search engines, and can be edited and added to very easily.

When you publish a new blog post, it will appear at the top of your blog, and all previous blog posts will be pushed further down to accommodate it. Building a blog over time in this way allows you to build up a large web-presence bit by bit, instead of having to create every page on your website in one go.

Home Business Magazine goes on to say…

“Bloggers are able to add timely and valuable content for their readers, while at the same time increasing traffic to their sites, building relationships, and establishing themselves as the experts in their fields.”

Running a blog for your Network Marketing business is similar to running a diary online, but instead you talk about the benefits that your business model and company offers the reader. You become the expert. You publicly celebrate your successes. You build your reputation. You answer questions from potential customers and recruits.

Plus, people can find you through Google! How? Because blogging helps you to brand yourself in the marketplace and enables you to develop more relationships with a greater number of people.


So What Should You Blog About?

Anything you publish on your blog will be indexed in Google – which means everything you write will be findable by your ideal customers and recruits.  So what should you actually write about?  Here are some ideas…

* Feature your products, and talk about the benefits

* Answer common questions that customers ask about your products

* Teach people by offering valuable tips on how to do things you do that brings you success

* Post testimonials from customers and your downline

* Publish photos from your company events and training

* Offer special discounts to your readers

* Link directly to your company website, so people can sign up with you easily

* Display your contact information, so potential recruits can call you with their questions

*Give people the chance to sign up to your email list by getting an opt in form on the site


Tips to bloggingBy running a blog properly and offering this valuable information and offer products to help them solve a problem they have, you can be seen by any searcher to be an Expert in your field. If this is the case, then why would they go any further, and why would they choose to sign up with someone else?

When people connect with you through your blog, you become the expert and leader, and your business will grow along with your reputation.

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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[*Quote Source – ‘Blogs: Fresh Content is the New King’ – Home Business Magazine Aug 24 2010.]