To Assume is unwiseAs human beings one of the things we all seem to do is to assume that we know what people are thinking and what they actually want! If you work in the home business industry and rely on recruitment to build your business and income, this is somewhat of a problem that so many have. How many people do you know, not including yourself that is, who will say something like “I’ve not asked (so and so) whether they are interested because I don’t think they will be”? This is a common problem with us humans – we ASSUME things instead of ASKING!

Is It Wise To Assume?

The problem with assuming is that you will get a very distorted view on things and base your decisions on what YOU think rather than fact! The only way you will actually KNOW what people think is to ask them! This doesn’t have to be put in such a way as to intimidate, but more like asking for somebody’s opinion. Very often you will get an idea of the person’s attitude towards what you ask them. If you are surprised by their reaction, you can then ask them if they would be interested if they were offered the opportunity to get involved. The answer would then give you a true indication of the feelings of the person you “assumed” wouldn’t be interested.

I have had some experience when delivering advertising leaflets. There are those who will say don’t deliver to that person because they are not and will not be interested in the leaflets. So you’re delivering leaflets that are from a car dealer and the person who you were told NOT to deliver to has decided they want to look for a new car. What do you do? Do you, as the person paid to deliver the leaflet take the ASSUMPTION and not deliver or do you post the leaflet through the door because there is no notice to request “no junk mail” or similar?

If you don’t assume that the neighbour is correct, you should post the leaflet because it’s your JOB to do that unless told by the recipient otherwise. You wouldn’t know whether the person who will receive the offer shown on the advert will thank you on this occasion, even though normally they would criticize you for delivering such a leaflet. To assume that people DON’T want something could mean you lose out BIG time if that person was indeed interested in your offer to help them grow a business because it’s something they have always dreamed about, and yet you thought they would never want it!

Don’t Be The One To Assume.

to assume is unwise to ask is shrewdChange your thoughts about how other people think. You’re in business to make money and you need recruits to do that. How will you EVER know if someone is interested unless you ASK?

There is one thing that’s more than obvious: if you don’t sow the seeds, the plant can’t grow!!

Meaning – if you don’t ask the question, you won’t know whether you have a new prospect for your business or you’re wasting your time (for now). Remember that a lot of the time any “no” could be a “no for now” because people’s situations change all the time. Who can say that any person will have a situation next week that will need your product or service to help them, or they may be in the market to start their own profitable business and want your help to do that.

Remember what the headline says – to assume is unwise, to ask is shrewd. Be the shrewd business person and ask first, then there will be no requirement to assume anything.

To the future

Barrie Evans