Transform You From Being Ordinary To Be Extraordinary

extraordinary is when you can be betterI like to listen to Tony Robbins every now and then, and the short video in this post makes a lot of sense to me. This will certainly help you to transform from ordinary to being extraordinary by doing something very simple:

Raise Your Standards!

You have your own cherished set of values I hope and they should be based on ethics and doing things the right way. Raising your standard and not “tolerating” things around you, just like most of us do, will see you moving from the ordinary to be extraordinary in your life.

How many times have you said “I should do (Whatever)” and not actually done it? As Tony explains here, when you change “Should” into “must”, then you will be on your way because a “must do” will lead to definite action, where a “should do” leads to procrastination.


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7 Responses to Transform You From Being Ordinary To Be Extraordinary

  • That’s really amazing. 🙂

  • Hi Barrie,

    I remember I had done a blog post on raising your standards. It is so true and Tony says it so well in this video. “The difference in people are their standards” as Tony says.

    Keep away from that should word because yes, we end us shoulding all over ourselves. The only way to change is to recognize that “should” and put it into action so there is a change.


  • Oh, I absolutely love this! Tony Robbins is always right on top of our human frailties.

    When you think about all of the “should’ve’s” that we could think about, it’s a very heavy negative feeling isn’t it? No wonder people get mad at themselves when they start down that road. They are telling themselves they are a failure!

    Yes, get rid of the list of should haves, and be positive about your progress! Focus on what you have accomplished and what you have yet to accomplish!

    Great share!


  • Yes!
    The difference in people is their standards.
    I MUST – not should.
    So true. Get mad at yourself no more i should have!!

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