Why use Blog Marketing for your home business?

These days blogs are a truly great tool to help to market your business. I will share some blog marketing tips with you that will help you to effectively promote your business and get leads by using this valuable resource.

Blog Marketing Tip 1 – Do Keyword Research…

Blog MarketingOne of the most vital areas needed to have a successful blog is to research the keywords relevant to your niche. Whether it’s a Network Marketing / MLM business or an affiliate product, you need to find a keyword or phrase that doesn’t have too much competition and yet has a good number of daily searches. Using a phrase of 3 or more words reduces the competition in many cases and therefore making it easier to rank in search engines. You can do this by using Google keyword tool or by means of software. One very good one that will enable you to do this effectively is Market Samurai. They offer a free version that will get you going and excellent training on how to use the product effectively. You can also go to a resource called Wordtracker to research this.

Once you have researched your keywords / phrases (you will need 3 good phrases to target initially – more as you gain more experience), you can begin to structure your content around those initial keywords. Your articles should be relevant to your niche and based around your main keywords to provide effective, basic search engine optimization (SEO) in order for your blog to be ranked and indexed by the search engines. Don’t overfill your articles with your keywords as this can be seen as spam by the search engines and will affect your sites’ rank.

Blog Marketing Tip 2 – Provide Valuable Content…

Another very important thing to remember is your readers. When a person visits your blog you need to engage their interest. They have come to your site for a reason, so your articles and general content should provide useful tips to help them with the problem they have come to find the solution to. This will build trust in you and they will return again and again. VALUE is the key to success – the more valuable your content, the more leads you are likely to get. Don’t be afraid to give away great tips and content because this builds your credibility and will enable you to get the visitor to give you their details so you can market to them through your email list.

Blog Marketing Tip 3 – Aim To Get The Visitor’s Details….

Now I know you are probably thinking “how do I do that?” It’s really pretty simple if you know about autoresponders. An autoresponder is an emailing program that enables you to set up follow up emails to a list of people who have filled in a form that is on your blog requesting more information about a service or product you have to offer. There are several autoresponder companies out there that provide low cost or free start up (Get Response, Aweber and Mail Chimp to name a few), so do some research to the best one for you. When you get into your autoresponder system you will be able to develop a contact form for your site there. This form can be placed into your blog’s sidebar in a prominent position at the top of the page.

Blog Marketing Tip 4 – Offer A Product To Help Your Visitor….

Whether you have a product you have developed or not, it is useful to have a paid product to help you in your marketing. While you are learning the skills of marketing your blog and finding out more and more about the internet and your new skill set, you can offer an affiliate product that you found valuable so you can “earn while you learn”. Not only do you provide extra value to your blog visitor, you can earn money to help you to fund advertising and educate yourself more to develop your own product that you can sell for 100% profit. This is called a funded proposal and is another useful way to build your email list further.

Make sure that the form you have inserted for your autoresponder has as headline that is visible and clear about the benefit of your product to your visitor to attract them to fill in their details.

These 4 tips are very basic, but necessary in blog marketing for your home business. Blogging is also a great way to get FREE leads for your business. This takes time and a lot of work, so think about the funded proposal and get a product that you can be an affiliate for or develop your own, so that you can earn a little money so that you can build a budget to advertise with.

If you have little or no budget, this method is one of the most effective ways of building your business online. As I said, it takes time and a lot of work! Don’t get caught up in the hype of FREE for FREE. Everything has a value and will cost you, whether in time or money, it doesn’t matter. As in every business, you only get out of it what you put in.

Good Luck

Barrie Evans

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