video marketing tipsOne of the key areas of 3 major video marketing tips is to get the keyword research right. When you have an idea for a video that will provide a lot of value to your viewer, then you will need to make sure you centre it on a keyword. What this will do is to show the search engines your subject and who is the relevant audience for your video.

Video Marketing Tips – Keyword Research – How To

You can go to the Google keyword tool, which may soon require a Google adwords account to access. This, when required, should not be a problem because you can open an account and not use it (unless you need to of course) apart from the keyword tool.

When you go to the keyword tool you will need to put in your keyword or phrase, and then look at the results to get the best match. When you get the results you will usually get these based on the default “broad” search parameter. Look for the options that show “broad, phrase and exact”, usually down the left side of the page and highlight “exact”.

Now, I would usually say to go for a minimum of 500 searches in a month, but for a newbie I suggest around 100. Google’s results are approximate and therefore you may end up with more visitors, depending on the time you post your video. Also the results are based on a previous time scale. Don’t hesitate to do this because the competition could be a lot lower and it will be more likely your video will be seen. When you consider these video marketing tips on keyword research, it’s important you look at things objectively and with your own experience level with SEO in mind.

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Video Marketing Tips – Avoid High Competition At First

When you are new to video marketing, it will be better for you to avoid the high volume and very high traffic keywords at first. This is because the more experienced marketers will be targeting these and you will have little or no chance of getting ranked in the search engines.

Looking at the results, you need to check the competition level at first. You might find a good keyword or phrase that has low competition and yet a lot of searches. This may mean you can get your video ranked and may see a good number of visitors to your video.

Don’t ignore your research because this is the first step of three KEY things you will need to have a chance of ranking your video and getting leads and sales opportunities from your work.

It’s important to remember that keyword research is just the first part of these video marketing tips and you will need to see the other two parts to get the best from your efforts.

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Barrie Evans