video marketing tipsThis is part 3 of 3 video marketing tips. When you adopt and master these 3 video marketing tips you will be set up to be able to get your videos optimized properly to be able to be found on the search engines. Getting these things right will mean you could be set up for a boost to your business. Video is a marketing tool that will help you to build relationships without knowing the person so get it right and you can generate leads and sales for a long time.

Video Marketing Tips – Getting Seen On The Search Engines

The object of any video marketing campaign will be to get the video a good amount of traffic from the search engines. Yes, you can use paid advertising to get clicks, but when you take these video marketing tips under your wing and adopt them for every video, you will see a big difference and you will get more generic traffic from the search results for free!

Off page optimization is basically getting backlinks to your video. If you don’t know what a backlink is, it’s a link from a site, preferably in your niche to your site. Google (and the other search engines) treat this as a vote for your content and the more you get, the higher the rank, or that’s the theory. The Penguin and Panda updates from Google have affected some things, but essentially the system is the same. What the search engines require most of all is links from authority sites.

First thing to remember is that social proof is also taken into consideration, so share your videos on social media. If your friends can share them too, then you may end up with a “viral video” and your content will not only get leads from that, but also leads from higher rankings because of the social section of your work too.

Don’t disregard You Tube. Not only is the site the No 3 site in the world, it’s the No 2 SEARCH ENGINE.

Video is easier to rank than a blog because the content rules differ very slightly and you may be able to use some forms of software to rank your videos.

There are some great courses on ranking content available and I would recommend Predatory SEO for those who have a budget to spend on your education. A good system if you’re new to video marketing (or blogging for that matter) is Social Monkey. You can have 25 links to your video every day in Social Monkey. Predatory SEO will teach you how to develop a lot more and get more authority links to your content, leading to good rankings that “stick”.

Video Marketing Tips – Backing Up Your Link Building

One of the main things you need to do is to “ping” your backlinks. When you have set up some backlinks from sites, you want the search engines to know about the link. The way to do this is to “ping” them. What you can do is go to a site called or There are a lot of pinging sites, but these are two of the best ones that you can rely on.

The instructions on how to ping your links will be available on the sites. If you can do this over a few days, this will be a better strategy because it will look more natural. In other words, if you get 100 links over the course of a week, ping the links over time too. If you did 20 today for instance, you could do another 20 in 2 days’ time. Or you can mix it up to do 10 a day.

Taking the 3 video marketing tips all together and doing your keyword research, then getting your on page optimization right, followed up with a good off page optimization strategy, you can look forward to more traffic and more leads when you have quality content that will suck in leads both now and in the future.

To the future

Barrie Evans