video marketing tipsWelcome to part 2 of video marketing tips, which is based on the subject of on page optimization (or on video optimization if you like). This is a very important part of the process of getting your video ranked and therefore seen on the search engines. To get your message over and to progress in your business, it’s vital that you get eyes on your video so that you can stand any chance of getting leads and sales.

Video Marketing Tips – Title And Description

One of the most important video marketing tips you will need to consider for your video is writing a good headline. As the title to your video, it’s important that you include your keyword or phrase in the headline. The more catchy the title, the more chance you have of attracting people’s attention and getting your video viewed. Including the keyword in your headline is the first indication to the search engines to the relevance of your video to a particular audience.

If you have difficulty with headlines at first, take a look at and check out the top diggs for the headlines and you can adapt things to your own style, but don’t copy.

The next point in these video marketing tips is your description box for the video. The first thing that you need to put into your description is the link to your capture page. Then there are a few options. Whatever you do, don’t overfill the description with keywords as this will lead to you being penalized. If you can write a description that states the nature of the video with your keyword or phrase in the description I would suggest no more than twice in 100 words, then this should be ok.

Another way is to write a 500 word article (or outsource this through Fiverr) with your keyword scattered through the article. This way may be more effective when starting out. Also, with an article you have several opportunities to enter the link to your capture page in the copy. You will have the link at the top of the description, then you could have a link about halfway and then at the bottom. Don’t overdo this either, but make it relevant and make it look natural to the reader.

Another area you can look at is “time stamps”, which is where you put down a time, eg 0.30 (for 30 seconds) and then you mention an important part of the video to get information that you want to portray. Include your keyword wherever possible. If you had 6 tips on getting leads on social media, then each tip could be highlighted with the time in the video you speak about them and the description could be structured (assuming your keyword is getting leads) in this way:

0.30 (which You Tube will make a link) – Getting leads tip 1 etc. Get the idea?

Check out the system I was talking about in the video Here

Video Marketing Tips – Transcript (Captions)

When you look at your video on You Tube, there is a section under the video that shows about, share and there is one image that is called “transcript”. If you look in this section you will find that the video will have an automatic transcript, which is not always that good. Check this to be certain that your keyword is intact and is what you want it to say. In other words, if your keyword is leads, the transcript may show words that may be interpreted slightly differently, for example “leaves”. To change this and protect your keyword relevance, you can use the caption feature to correct this.

What you can do is to transcribe the video and use the caption feature to ensure that your wording is more accurate. Again, you can outsource this to someone on Fiverr who will transcribe your video for just $5. This will show the search engines that you have taken the trouble to optimize your video and make it CLEAR to them what the subject of the video is and the relevance to a particular audience.

That covers the important parts of on page optimization. Look out for part 3 of the video marketing tips series, which looks at off page optimization.

To the future

Barrie Evans