viewpoint or factWhat the heck am I on about? I’ll tell you – You know when something is going around that is perceived as bad news, especially in the case of a business opportunity or program that appears to be “too good to be true”, and this has gone around as some sort of “scam”. Is what you’re looking at a fact or is it a viewpoint based on someone else’s opinion? “Bad press” is something that can destroy a reputation as well as good press enhancing it.

Viewpoint Verses Fact – Analyze Things Yourself

We all know about the bad reputation put onto Network Marketing / MLM. The number of companies that have been reported to be “pyramid schemes” and yet they are bona fide companies with true products that are of great value to those that use them is unreal! The viewpoint about MLM is founded on other people’s opinion and NOT on the facts. I’m not saying that there are no bad companies out there, there are. The important thing to remember is that there is good and bad in EVERY walk of life and it’s up to us all to assess for OURSELVES instead of taking the bad news and multiplying the feeling based on a viewpoint rather than FACT.

Network marketing companies are licensed by government and are completely legal. Pyramid schemes are illegal because they don’t have a product. Instead they run on people investing money and then having to get other people to do the same. If they don’t get other people to invest, their money is lost – GONE forever with no chance of recompense!

The major problem with MLM as I see it is the way it was marketed and the viewpoint in which the message was received. People hearing that they could work just a few hours and possibly earn money quickly so they could get rich was, at one time, received with important words missing. The viewpoint came out that get into MLM and you will “get rich quickly”. This spread quickly because it was marketable to get people to sign up and then, when it was obvious that there was work to be done and you wouldn’t be “free” for an average of 3 years, MLM was given the “bad press” syndrome and the viewpoint was very negative.

What About The Viewpoint That “There’s No Smoke Without Fire”?

I’m not saying that everything is rosy. What I am saying is that, as in so many things these days. A bad reputation spreads quickly due to a minority. There are perfectly viable and ethical companies who have been banned from social media and ridiculed for being a “scam” based on reactions to some marketers who were so excited they went a little “over the top” and were too aggressive in their techniques. Bad Press!

No news is good news! Because of this, perfectly honourable people have had their reputations damaged because of a viewpoint based on opinions that have hung around for years. If we all check things out and research properly then perhaps we can see that the smoke has been caused by someone’s brain overheating instead of a fire of facts.

I, like so many others, have been dragged into this scenario and left things alone due to other people’s opinions. When I have done the research myself I can see the merits of the viewpoint people have, or can see that they haven’t looked themselves because the facts are completely alien to the viewpoint put forward.

My advice is to check things out yourself. Perhaps there is no smoke without fire, but in the same token the facts may be that the opportunity you have an interest in is the right one for you despite the bad reputation based on other people’s opinion. Viewpoint can destroy things when not based on fact rather than being based on someone else’s opinion so make certain you do the research for yourself and not rely completely on those opinions.

To the future,

Barrie Evans