Success in MLMDo you want more success in MLM? Have you thought about how you can do this? Consider….


Why is it that lots of people quit MLM business? There are two simple reasons – they are not earning enough money or are spending too much on advertising and marketing materials. Spending too much usually means they are not covering their costs so they quit before they really give the business a chance and see a profit.

So, if you could solve the problem of not earning enough money and spending too much, then you would see greater retention of people in your business and then your business would grow faster and profit would increase also. The reason for more retention of people would be because you would be able to teach others to do what you can do.


So, what is this magical method?


INTRODUCING: The Funded Proposal

The concept of a funded proposal has been developed and made popular by Mike Dillard, of the Magnetic Sponsoring marketing course. A funded proposal is a system where you offer products, either as an affiliate or by making your own product, which you can sell to your prospects.  This has tremendous impact on your profitability. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to build relationships and to prequalify prospects who will be far more likely to join your business than “cold” marketing leads!

A funded proposal works by getting people who you have on your email list to purchase valuable and helpful products or services that cost less than your main product or business opportunity, but still closely related. You can then funnel the customers into your larger purchases. The sales of the small product will help fund your marketing efforts, and, because the product you have sold will help your prospect with their problem, will brand you as an expert who they like and trust to help them.

You could write (or hire someone to write) a short e-book guide about your industry or product niche, remembering to aggravate a problem they could be experiencing and provide a solution to it. This could then lead into delivering your MLM marketing message to the customers.  The leads you’ll get through this approach have proven themselves as interested in information regarding your niche, and have shown they are willing to spend money when necessary to solve problems they have that your product can help them with.

The perfect prospect!

Recruiting Network Marketers

Another potential for the funded proposal is that of recruiting existing network marketers into your business.

Think about it… they already understand MLM, you don’t need to convince them of the benefits of owning their own business, and most important of all… they know what it takes to build an MLM business!

You can use the funded proposal to not only fund your marketing efforts, but to also build your reputation. If you can help other network marketers to solve a problem and teach them to do what you do, it’s highly possible your pre-qualified leads will gravitate to you and your opportunity. It’s about demonstrating higher value to your potential recruits.

As thousands of other network marketers have already shown, it’s possible to flood your business with high-quality pre-qualified leads that already have an interest in your business opportunity. Read that last line again.  It is incredibly powerful! If you can successfully adopt the Funded Proposal, your business will never be the same again!

So What Now?

There are several ways to get started right now.  Ultimately what you need is a product to sell that is related to your main business (like a guide on weight loss, or working from home, etc) and here are 2 ways to get set up for your funded proposal campaign.

1. Join affiliate programs and promote related products to your list.

You can join Clickbank or Paydotcom and promote the products listed on their sites that are relevant. Make sure you check out these products for yourself because you don’t really want to promote a product that doesn’t work and gets you a bad reputation. These programs allow you to sell thousands of niche products for profit, and you also get the name and email address of every customer you sell to.

This is a great way to get started. You don’t need to write a single product, you don’t need to provide customer service, you just collect the check.

You’ll find many products related to your niche, and you can even use social networking sites like Squidoo or Twitter to promote the products in between promoting your business. As I said earlier, make sure that the product is relevant and will provide the value that YOU are looking for yourself. That way your prospects will thank you for the information and not criticise.

 2. Develop your own product.

Create your own product or report. This is not necessarily as hard as it sounds. If you’ve read this far you likely know more about your company than 99% of distributors – the rest don’t do their research!  You could write a guide called “17 questions you MUST ask before joining Company XYZ”. Also, when you have learned something new it’s likely you know more than the vast majority of other people. This makes you an expert. If you know how to install a blog and then write an article, how many people do you know who can do the same? Because you know how and somebody else doesn’t, you can create a step by step instruction video or ebook to help someone do what you can do.


Success in multi level marketingIt doesn’t matter which system you use, if you provide value and helpful products for your prospects, you will be positioning yourself as the expert. Because you are seen as the expert, your prospects will come to you for advice and you will be benefiting from making a little money from selling the guide you have made. This will lead to more of your prospects joining you in your opportunity – WHY? – Because they will want to be close to you so that they can have the same success. Not everyone will join your opportunity, but it’s likely some will buy from you as long as you provide the value and advice they need to be successful in whatever they do. It’s a Win – Win situation.

If you want more success in MLM, then simply implement the idea of a Funded Proposal properly and plan it into your marketing strategy, especially online, then you can be ready for more success.

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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