Blogging for profit tipsIf you want to go blogging for profit, there are a few things you need to know before you start on this venture. In this article there are some very useful tips to get you on the right road to create a money making blog.

Blogs in general are like the search engine’s best friend. Why? Because they offer valuable, fresh content on a regular basis and therefore more relevance to the subject each blog is based around. When you have decided on your particular niche and the content theme of your new blog, you need to research your market to see if the competition is strong and whether or not you can compete in that niche. As soon as you have completed your basic research, then be sure to take everything discussed here into consideration to ensure your success.

Blogging for Profit Tip #1

You need to have a professional and businesslike attitude so treat it like you would any other type of business. If you want your blog to be profitable you need to be consistent and post new content every day so that you can share this around many social media sources and get traffic to your site. This doesn’t mean you have to hire employees or outsource work to get this content to your site if you can’t afford it. That is more relevant to you when you are earning some money. The most important thing to remember is to provide VALUE and useful information for free that will entice your readership to become leads. You can generate leads for free from your blog, but be prepared to invest some money on order to advertise and promote your new site to help you achieve the success you want.

Blogging for Profit Tip #2

Put together a business plan. This is important because you can hold yourself to account and make sure you carry out the necessary things to progress. Be specific and write down your goals for each day. A daily strategy is important for your success. Ask yourself some questions first though, such as:

  • How will you generate income?
  • Who are your visitors?
  • What percentage of visitors are likely to click on ads or buy something?
  • How will you get traffic to your blog?
  • What is your marketing plan?

When you know the answers to these questions, act on them. If you don’t know the right way to do this, go out and find a course to help you. You may find it useful to invest something in your education and get yourself a mentor who can help you through the best ways to progress your marketing to be successful.

Blogging for Profit Tip #3

Don’t just rely on FREE, because it isn’t always the best way. and have made it easy for anybody to start a blog for free and each provide a great service. There is nothing wrong with using free blog services to learn about blogging, but use them to help drive traffic to a site that you have control of with your own domain name and hosting.

You can still use a platform such as WordPress because the system is free, but you get the coding and freedom to develop and brand yourself without potential restriction. Getting a domain name and hosting these days is not a great expense if you shop around and are willing to invest a little into your business. In fact the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and cost much less than starting a traditional business

Using the free services you will have less control over your blog if you host it on those sites. If you stray from the terms and conditions it’s possible they will remove your blog without any warning, leaving you high and dry without your source of income.

Blogging for Profit Tip #4

Build business bloggingMonetize Your blog. There are several ways people use to generate income from their site. One of the main ways is by selling affiliate products. This is where you get a percentage of each sale for selling someone else’s product. You will get a special link that identifies you as the seller, so they know you made the sale.

Another good way of monetization is using Google AdSense. You sign up for their program, then add a snippet of code to your blog. They will then add targeted ads, and you get money every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad.

I hope that you find these tips useful and I wish you good luck in your future business.

Barrie Evans

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