time freedomIf you were to ask any person who has a family, I’ll bet when asked what they want most, they would tell you that it’s more time freedom to spend with their spouse and children. Isn’t this what we all desire? Trouble is, although there are so many who want more time to spend in this way, there are relatively few who will have that luxury and have the means to live a great life at the same time. Time freedom is one of the main marketing positives for those who want to have a home business, either in network marketing or an internet business based around an affiliate marketing system.

Who Are You Going To Help Achieve More Time Freedom?

Are you having success in your business? Have you helped anyone else to achieve success too or are you too hung up on your own dreams of freedom? Part of any home business and its make up these days is that you create a team who duplicate what you do. You lead by example and so if you don’t help enough people to achieve their freedom too are they going to do this?

It’s very important to train your team to do what you do and then teach them to pass it on and become the teachers. As you progress you can slow down a little, but the top leaders have a hunger, not just for the money, but for the satisfaction that they have helped someone else break free from the grind and difficulty that has been placed all around us if we are prepared to accept it.

Duplication Is The Key To Unlock The Time Freedom Door

I have time freedomFirst thing to know is are you teachable? You seek time freedom and you’re growing your business quite well. You still feel under pressure because your team isn’t making the progress you want them to. When you train them and get them to duplicate what you do for themselves, you’re extended team will grow and your income will grow with it.

The student must become the teacher in order to get the duplication and growth in your business. Time freedom is there for the taking when you leverage the efforts of others. The thing to remember is this; if you don’t take some time to help your people to be good students and then become the teachers, your effort to build that team of people and your income will be wasted and your time freedom goal is not going to be achieved quickly.

Without guidance people quit, which will leave you where? You will be looking for more people to get into the business so you can build your income. Make yourself attractive to those around you by giving of your time initially to help them to go through the transition from student to teacher and the duplication will start to have a very positive effect on your business and your life.

Time freedom and a lot more will come into your life when you show you care and you genuinely make a difference. Start as you mean to go on and you will be seen as a great leader and it will be well deserved.

To the future

Barrie Evans