What About This Mindset Stuff? Give Me The Money!

what about the mindsetHow many leaders in the network marketing industry do you know who talk about mindset? Do you think that mindset is an important thing to consider based on your answer? What type of attitude does “give me the money” portray to your prospects? Whatever you might think, getting your mind in order and showing the right attitude is a major part of getting your business set up in the correct way.

Mindset And How It Can Help You

Don’t dismiss the fact that you need to sort your mind out to be a true success in business. This is more relevant to a home business where you are working with others who also work from home. All of the top leaders have been through the process of listening to audio and watching video as well as attending live events. All of these things are packed with “mindset stuff”.

Why are we all encouraged to listen to audios and read books written by inspirational leaders if all this doesn’t work? It has been said by many that “you are what you think” and I believe that this is true. Take into consideration the “give me the money” situation. What type of impression does that give? Give ME the MONEY basically says that all the focus is on money and ME, not about YOU and how I can HELP you to become successful too.

We are all in a relationship business when we are looking to build a team of people from whom we leverage our income. There is no I in TEAM is there?

People who have the selfish mindset of “give me the money” will lose out in the end, so consider what you say and how your attitude will appear to those who see your content and know what your attitude is. Be honest, would you want to connect with someone who only thinks of “me” and “money”?

Mindset Is The Key To Your Future

A daily session of personal development to a home business person is like an apple a day to keep the doctor away. There is no room for negative thinking because this will affect your mindset in a very detrimental way.  Good audio with positive messages will help to set you on the right path and develop a positive mindset that will help you in so many ways.

Having a thought process that focuses on POSITITIVE things will bring positive things to you. When you think of negatives then negative things happen also. Dealing with your doubts and fears will help you to progress and this won’t happen WITHOUT guidance. A daily mindset session will help to squash those doubts and eradicate the fears because you will see others who have experienced the same as you combat their doubts and fears alongside you.

When you understand the importance of the psychology and power of getting into the right mindset and putting yourself into “help” mode as opposed to “me” mode, then you will be in a position to create the success you crave and help your team to duplicate what you do and build up even more.

To the future

Barrie Evans

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6 Responses to What About This Mindset Stuff? Give Me The Money!

  • A great post bro, I believe mindset plays a big part in building a business. You are what you think… I cannot agree more on that. With the proper mindset you can’t go wrong because all you attract is positive energy. Investing in yourself is also helpful, what I mean is always be eager to learn more.

    That will help eliminate the negative force, not all out but knowledge just gives you more belief and when you believe you take more action which will bring positive results. Then you rinse and repeat.

    Thnx bro, great post 🙂

  • Hi Barrie.

    Mindset is a very sticky subject right? A lot of people get stuck on something which is free..Let’s say your trying to promote a blog or a video right? If you only use free sites for this purpose then perhaps your wont get many hits of views? However if you paid sites.. thinking differently.. not so much about money but thinking about the fact that ‘I need to think differently’ ‘ I need to do things differently’ Do you know what I mean?


  • Guess there must be something in this Mindset stuff Barrie!!
    I love your analogy of a session of personal development a day for the mind, is like an apple a day for health, and this can be as simple as reading a chapter from a book or listening to a chapter of a CD book. It certainly gives the brain something new and positive to mull over in our subconscious.
    And as you say Barrie, there is no i in Team – it is the working with the team that will bring great rewards, and sharing knowledge and support.
    Lovely to see your video
    Jacs 🙂

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