Don't even think of what about tomorrow?If you’re prone to procrastination as I have been known to in the past, it’s all too easy to say “what about tomorrow?”

Tomorrow is a nightmare because it’s always ahead of us. The best way to deal with anything “tomorrow” is to ask yourself “what can I do TODAY?” Then, make sure you go do it!

It may be that you like to schedule your tasks, but there are times when you should forget about tomorrow and make sure you focus on it in the moment – being right NOW! It may be that you have no leads or enquiries for sales, but complaining about it doesn’t help. The thing to do is to prioritise and do what you need to do to make sure you get somewhere towards your goal at least. This doesn’t come from tomorrow.

The things that can wait are those things that don’t serve you or help to bring in income for you. You schedule can change, but your priorities can’t. Those things you leave to prioritise your tasks may require doing of course, but they are more easily rescheduled than those things that should not wait. You have to be sure you make a living after all. That’s what you’re in business for right?

Today doesn’t wait around. Before you know it another day has past. If your most important tasks are not done, will they be done tomorrow?

A schedule is a guide and you never write “what about tomorrow” in that guide do you? Keep asking that daily and it will become the proverbial “thorn in your side”. Change the question to “what about today” or “what about now?” You may still have a couple of hours, or maybe only 1 hour, but there is still time to do something that will help get you results, so go do it!

Even though there is a reality in “I’m tired”, it really doesn’t cut it in a successful business person’s world. Commitment to the moment, despite feeling “tired” may, believe it or not, give rise to some time towards the end of the week so you can take a short break to recharge for the next session. Some of that time could be used to clear up “loose ends” if you have any too.

Tomorrow will always be ahead of you. The important thing is to concentrate on NOW and stop worrying about the “what about tomorrow” question.

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