home business owner and entertainerThe main point of this subject is to show the similarities between a home business owner and an entertainer. What do each need? The answer is simple – YOU! You, the audience without whom the entertainer wouldn’t function. You, the prospects who the home business owner is helping to grow your organization and achieve your dreams so they can in turn build their own business. The simple fact is that it’s YOU, the people who are the common denominator for both the entertainer and the home business owner. Without you we are all stuck!

Home Business Owner And Entertainer – The Facts

The top marketers and home business owners, just like an entertainer, learn and adopt the presentation skills and get the people to follow them. A top entertainer manipulates a crowd and audience in much the same way. The main difference is that the entertainer helps people to enjoy their night out, whereas the home business professional helps people to live their dreams.

When a prospect turns to a home business opportunity to help to build their future, the leaders are the ones who support and train these people to achieve the success they crave. The entertainer needs the people to like them in order to attract them to their show and then they get paid, the home business owner needs to attract the people to them and for them to know, like and trust them in order to grow their business. The business owner carries on the relationship, where the entertainer has the relationship for as long as they are in the show.

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The Best Home Business Owner Is An Entertainer Too.

Yes, the best and the most prominent of the home business owners are entertainers in their own right. Yes, it’s a different kind of entertainment, but essentially when they grow in confidence and have that “presence” about them, they will manipulate their audience to get their message over.

home business ownerI remember going to an event in the UK, which was the first of its kind, and there was a top marketer at the event who was giving great training and also being very entertaining. It was then that I realized it was something I knew I could do. You see, in my younger days I was an entertainer and there isn’t that much difference between giving out a great line of a play or something like that and giving out the right message. It’s down to confidence and being able to keep the audience’s attention and focus. Getting them to relax and have fun is just as important for the presenter as it is for the entertainer. People only remember the most recent part of any play or the most gripping part of any presentation.

The main thing with everything is the PEOPLE. Without YOU, the people the home business owner and the entertainer have NOTHING. People are the life blood of the audience and the life blood of the home business arena. We work in a people business and it’s important that the help and support we give as a home business owner to our prospects and team members is going to help them achieve their goals as well as our own.

You may be working your business in your home and you don’t have staff like in a traditional business. What you do have are people who NEED you. The home business owner and the entertainer are nothing without their particular audience, even though the outcomes may be poles apart.

To the future

Barrie Evans