what is a webinarI’ve had quite a few people ask me what is a webinar? Most of us will know that a webinar is basically an online conference facility, but as marketers it’s also a thing that we should use to develop leadership. How can we do this?

What Is A Webinar? A Very Important Tool For Online Marketers!

You will find that all the top leaders in the home business industry are using webinars to develop their business. What is a webinar and why should we use this particular resource? Simply because it has so many uses. These include:

  • Online presentations, where you can invite people to a webinar and you can present your opportunity to them
  • A source of income – you can charge for a webinar when you offer valuable training. It’s always good to charge a little and over deliver on value so that you can offer a more advanced webinar at a later date that you can charge more for. People will return if they perceive the value you have offered is good for them.
  • Team training – it doesn’t matter where your team members are in the world, it’s possible to arrange a suitable time to connect and get together for important training and team meetings.

Because you can record webinars, it’s possible to have a “back catalogue” of training and also a product that you can sell, especially in the case of a paid webinar.

What Is A Webinar And How Will I Overcome My Fear Of Public Speaking?

A webinar is very similar to doing video in some ways. You will be at home in front of your own computer and you will be presenting to yourself (not literally I hope). Don’t be too daunted by this. You can ask a leader if they will join you in a webinar and you can introduce them and ask some questions. This way you will “ease” yourself into presenting a webinar and this will be a great help. It also provides great value to your audience.

Value is the name of the game. If you feel comfortable doing a presentation to one person and can use a powerpoint to achieve that, then you can do the same thing for a webinar. As I said before, because you can record the webinar, there is nothing stopping you from reusing this presentation over and over. Yes, it’s good to do some of these live, but leverage the best ones to get leads and sign ups while you do stuff with your family or even when asleep. That’s the cool thing about online business. When you have great tools and learn to use them effectively, you can leverage them to earn more while automating the process.

When someone asks you what is a webinar, don’t hesitate to tell them what it is and also mention that it’s a valuable and important tool in your business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans