what is attractionIn the last few years it’s been more evident that marketing is changing. Network marketing has had a bad reputation, mainly because of the publicity rather than it being a bad business model. There is a difference of opinion that is changing things that leads to the question what is attraction and why are marketers working more with attraction in mind?

What Is Attraction Marketing?

According to my good friend and Mentor Diane Hochman:

“Attraction marketing is creating a marketing system that funds your business and causes your people to ‘lock in’ to you”

When someone asks what is attraction marketing you can tell them that it’s a system that will help you to build a solid and lasting customer base, keeping you in profit while you wait for your residual income to build in its own time.

So What Is Attraction Marketing Doing For Me And My Business?

I am in business and I want to make money, which is obvious to nearly everyone I hope. It’s the way that I choose to do it that makes the difference. Many people who don’t understand the concept have asked me what is attraction doing in your business strategy?

I always reply that it’s a better feeling to help others with their problems because it’s attractive to the customer or prospect for your business rather than have the attitude that all I want is their money and I’m doing them a favour by only charging a certain rate. People who “chase the penny” have a different attitude to business. Often they may get a sale, but it’s likely to be only one. I prefer to think of the prospect / customer and how I can HELP them and then I get REPEAT business.

Attraction marketing is a thought process and an attitude. When you show the right attitude to people and adopt a caring process, you can attract so many more to you and serve them over and over again.

Using the attraction marketing process will help you to build your income and give you a cash flow and revenue. Revenue funds your business and then you have time to be able to develop your sustainable residual income streams. The revenue should not be used for everyday items such as going out for a family meal or luxury items. The business fund is just for that one thing, business.

When people start to call you and be excited to talk with you and express a desire to work with you then you will be able to answer the question of what is attraction and why is it important for your business? Attraction marketing can be done using any known method of traditional marketing you can think of and online too. The process and the attitude towards the sales and recruiting process is what is different. What marketing method you use is not really that significant because they can all be adapted to the attraction marketing system.

When you actually understand what attraction marketing is all about you will realize that the marketing methods are the mechanisms to get your message out to the market and your perfect prospect.

So, could you now answer the question what is attraction and how is it relevant to marketing?

To the future

Barrie Evans