What is blog commentingSome have asked me what is blog commenting? Blog commenting is a method that can be used to get relevant backlinks to your website.

With this in mind you should consider this – there are 2 things that will help you create success in online marketing.

1. Getting more people to your website

2. People trusting you

To be able to start to create and develop relationships with your prospects you need to get your brand noticed. If you are online and you are in network marketing / MLM, the brand is YOU. Because of this you need to get people to your website so you can entice them to join your list and you can develop the relationship from there.

When you develop the relationship with the people on your list, you build trust in you and then you are in a position to sell your opportunity or product. This is because people buy from people who they like and trust.

There are many online marketing methods that will help you get more visitors and build trust, but one of the most interesting is Blog Commenting.

As with your own website content, when you comment on a relevant blog that is closely related to your niche, you can get a link to your site from that comment.


So How Does Blog Commenting Work?

Blog commenting is simple.  It involves adding comments on blog posts related to your products or opportunity, that other bloggers have published, and joining in the discussions that take place.

Doing this not only helps you build trust and expert-status among the other readers, but it spreads your website link with every comment!

You write a comment that is relevant and interesting, and you include your website link in the “Website” box provided, underneath your name and email address.

TIP: adding your website link into the comment itself will likely result in your comment NOT being approved by the blog owner. Always use the box provided. If allowed by the site owner, try to get a useful anchor link (relevant keyword of phrase) linking to your site, but check the terms and conditions of commenting before you do this or contact the site owner / administrator to see if it’s acceptable if it’s not obvious because others are doing that.

Now when people read your comments they will be able to click your name to check out your website.  Congratulations.  You just attracted yourself a prospect!

Why Is Blog Commenting Good For SEO?

If another website links to your website, good things happen.  It’s called a “backlink” when someone else posts a link to you online, and generally the more backlinks you have the higher your site will be listed in search engines.

This means blog commenting has an effect far greater than just the trust your comments can build for you among the blog readers.  Every comment is a potential link for Google to find, and rank your site higher.

This is what makes blog commenting such an interesting online marketing strategy.  One simple action can result in two very different benefits – reputation building, and search engine ranking.

What Is The Best Kind Of Backlink Is Best When Blog Commenting?

Blog CommentingThere are 2 different kinds of backlinks. Do Follow, and No Follow.

A NO FOLLOW backlink works for the interested readers who then click the link, but generally won’t help your site rank better in search results.


A DO FOLLOW backlink is the best kind.  This means the readers can click your link, AND because the search engine “spider” can follow the relevant link to your site you get the search engine ranking benefits.

A good tool for finding blogs to comment on is Comment Kahuna. The software is free and you can get it here.

So next time you ask yourself what is blog commenting? REMEMBER: This process is about building your online reputation, so make your comments useful, relevant and interesting!

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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