what is dedicationWhat is dedication, desire and determination? These are 3 words that begin with the letter D and they are deemed to be similar in so many ways. One outcome of each of these is based on what you goal is. When you have the dedication to achieve something, you need a clear outcome, and then the desire and determination to reach the goal “kick in” so you can achieve that end.

What Is Dedication And What Is Your Outcome?

Before you can pump up your dedication, desire or determination you need to set your outcome in your mind and DECIDE to drive yourself to reach that outcome.

In my own situation, I had the desire and dedication to lose weight and dedicated my time to several different ways to achieve this. The problem I had was that the results were not good and therefore I didn’t stick to it. Was that the reason, or was it that my DEDICATION was lacking purpose because I hadn’t decided my outcome and made it clear in my mind?

So, when my son said to me he wanted to lose some weight and wanted me to go with him initially, which I think was a motive he had to get me into a proper routine to be honest, we decided to go to a local Slimming World group. From that point I’ve not looked back! My son quickly lost 28 pounds and reached his target, stopped going and left me to my own devices. I’ve carried on going and have lost 42 pounds in total to this point. What a transformation! What is dedication? Dedication is the desire and determination to get to a goal and this is so much more relevant when you have set your outcome and have a definite goal to aim for. I’m about halfway to my initial goal and I can re-assess after I reach that.

What Is Dedication In Business?

dedication is whatTake the weight loss scenario and adopt it to your business. You NEED to set an outcome, whether it’s an income, growth or simply survival outcome initially and then have the desire and determination and develop the dedication to reach that goal. After reaching that first level, you can then reassess and target the next level of your success.

When drawing up a business plan for a new venture, the first target should be getting to the “survival income”, which is the income you need to pay all your bills comfortably. Then you continue growing into a place where you have more and more disposable income and can afford to set aside money to save and invest in growing your business to a level that will afford you a better lifestyle and capability to build up savings for the future.

Dedication, desire and determination are nothing without a PLAN that leads to a particular OUTCOME! Your outcome is absolutely VITAL to your ultimate success. All the dedication in the world gets you nowhere without this positive affirmation set in your mind so you can focus your intent and dedication on it and achieve it.

So, if someone asks you the question what is dedication, you can answer them clearly – it’s the means to achieve an outcome in your life that will make a POSITIVE change to your whole future.

To the future,

Barrie Evans