What is online brandingSome people are asking “what is online branding?” Quite simple, it’s where you take your brand online and make it popular. How do we do this? I hope to answer this question here and help you to build your online credibility and start to build your brand.

Here are seven ways to build your online credibility.

Online Branding Tip 1 – Place your photo everywhere possible (or your logo if this is not personal branding).

If you are running a traditional type of business where you have a premises to work from, building a brand and credibility is usually easier to do. The advantage is that the visiting client / customer has face to face contact and can start a conversation. This makes it a lot easier to ‘connect’ and form a relationship.

If you are working in network marketing, it’s more important to brand yourself. The main reason is that YOU need to make the connection in order to build YOUR business. To do this you need to show you are real and the first way to do this is by showing photographs of yourself and your family. This helps to provide social proof that you are “real” and should help to set people’s mind to rest when they contact you.

This is vital in business these days because there have been so many scams around. People want to know you are what you say you are, so be honest and upfront with everyone and your brand will grow.

Online Branding Tip 2 – Provide your users with a video or audio message

This is closely connected to tip 1. What this does is to further prove you are “real” and provides a better connection with your visitor. It’s important to show that we are not computers, we just use them. One of the best ways to communicate these days is via video on sites like You Tube. Also, because you can embed the video onto your website, you have direct connection with your website visitor. This also shows your enthusiasm and emotions and further increases the foundation to a relationship and connection.

If you don’t like to see yourself on video, or are not yet confident enough to use this genre, the next best thing is an audio message. Your potential new prospect can at least hear your voice and receive a valuable message from you.


Remember, the more REAL you are to your prospects, the more likely they are to be attracted to knowing more about you and becoming a customer or joining your business.

Online Branding Tip 3 – Put your contact information and real phone number everywhere you are online.

This is another thing that will provide your visitor with more confidence because you are prepared to share your contact information. Don’t be surprised if you get some calls to prove that you are real – this tends to happen from time to time. The major benefit to this is that it provides your potential prospect with more proof that you are a real person.

Your address also adds a sense of structure to the very fluid environment of the Internet. It is much like the sign on a brick and mortar store – this is where I am and you can contact me any time.

Can you be reached by fax, landline phone, email, and mobile phone? This information adds to your credibility, not to mention your perceived availability.

Online Branding Tip 4 – Get your own website and email.

Perception is one of the most important things to consider when building your online brand and credibility. Do you think it would harm your credibility if you were to use a free email service such as Hotmail or a free website / blog service such as blogger or similar? Maybe or maybe not – it’s all according how other people view this and whether they perceive your credibility by using a free service. What is your own view on this? Do you believe you would believe someone is credible if they have an email address that is [email protected] or [email protected]?

Having your own hosted website and your own email, which could well be redirected to a free email service (remember it’s the perception of the prospect), is a more professional approach and will be viewed that way.

Online Branding Tip 5 – Make sure that you have an ‘About’ page.

One of the most important pages on your site will be the ‘about’ or ‘about me’ page. This is where you can go through your history and opens up more about you and your life. This will enable your visitor to come to a decision whether they wish to work with you or become your customer.

The type of information you should place on this page includes:

– a personal and professional biography,

– maybe a photograph of yourself and, if you are branding yourself, with your family,

– name, address and telephone number,

– your goals and objectives,

– a comprehensive description of what you have to offer your prospect and how you can help them.

Don’t be afraid to make yourself available to be “checked out” as this will further improve your credibility and connection with the visitor.

Online Branding Tip 6 – Include a ‘Privacy Statement’.

Apart from being something that people in general are looking for, a privacy statement / policy is vital these days. Internet users are becoming more and more sensitive to how their personal information is being used.

General concerns that would have to be addressed are:

*How you use the information that is collected.

*Is the information shared with a third party?

*Let them know how they can opt out of any mailing list they sign up for.

*Why you track their IP address.

There are many ways you can get a satisfactory privacy statement. The best way is to check online and follow procedures set out there. Google have a generic privacy policy that can be used on websites and this will improve your credibility with search engines and public alike.

Online Branding Tip 7 – Whenever possible, get testimonials.

what is online brandingYou are marketing your product or service so it’s rather obvious to anyone that you are going to be enthusiastic about it and this is not going to add weight to your marketing and sales efforts. What you will need is testimonials from customers and colleagues who work with you in your MLM team, who you have helped to build their businesses. Why? Because this is one of the ultimate ways to build your brand and credibility because OTHERS are saying these things about you and / or your products.

Providing unsolicited testimonials from your customers will provide more social proof that you can be trusted. All testimonials should be complete with the name and email address of the person plus their website if this is applicable. Too little information from the person providing the testimonial could mean the comment it less believable. Getting the contact info of the person provides another opportunity for the potential prospect to check you out.

So pour on the testimonials – too much is not enough.

I hope these tips have helped to answer the question what is online branding? And have helped to provide and insight into building your online credibility

To the future,

Barrie Evans