job as recruitersI have heard this question more and more recently; so what is our job as recruiters in the home based business arena?


The first thing we must do is to provide the proper information to our prospect so that they can make the proper choice, but ultimately we should encourage confidence and belief in the prospect that they can do the job.


In my “9 to 5” I am lucky to meet lots of people and currently see over 350 customers each week as well as adding others. The nature of the job I do means that I see the same people each week. Because of the skills I have learned over the past few months since I changed my strategy, I have had so much more success bringing in customers and selling the product that I want to develop my own business more now bringing in more people to work alongside me.


With so many people to see every week you may ask why I am writing this and why I don’t recruit more from this. The facts are that most of the people I see are those that tend to struggle financially and have had the mindset drilled into them that they will only get on if they get a traditional type job and have had no belief in their own abilities. I have had no interest from anyone because they think they can’t do the job because they believe it will be too difficult and that they don’t have the skills needed. The next thing is “I don’t have the money to be able to join you”. How many of these things have you heard yourself?


Just this week, something changed. I have had one person this week who has expressed a great interest in what I do and is looking at the presentations and the business. The difference? He has had a business in the past where he had made a lot of money, but due to circumstances of life he lost all his money and then one business due to recession and the lack of work available to him. He has the job as recruitersmindset that he can overcome the “problems” and make a success of what he does. He is looking to do something, but wants to do something different.


How do we develop the “no self belief” type of person? Basically it’s our job as recruiters and leaders to educate these people that it is possible for them to succeed at this and there is a way to “make the grade”, which is their greatest fear. We must show them and prove that they are no different than we are and that they can make a success of this too, instilling the self belief and confidence to be the success they are looking for. By asking simple questions we can find out if they just have an interest or a true commitment to make their life better and then work with them so that they can achieve something and building their confidence and self belief.


Psychology has a lot to do with what we are trying to achieve. Education and mindset are other areas we need to address (both are relevant to the psychology). So when thinking about what we need to do to successfully carry out the job as recruiters, consider the way we approach this task effectively.


To the future

Barrie Evans