What is sense of purposeWhat is sense of purpose and how can you adopt a sense of purpose into your MLM home based business.

I have recently been on a call with a top UK Network Marketer who had some real gems of knowledge and tips to share. He talked about things like building a proper business culture and the roles of managers, who generally appear to be “self serving souls” and leaders in the business. There is a fundamental difference between managers and leaders, because managers generally instruct and have big expectations to achieve goals, whereas a leader takes his team and works with them to achieve the goals set out. Basically, the leader takes the team “by the hand” and leads them to the achievement demanded by the manager.

In the MLM home business arena it’s vital that leaders are developed, so it’s important that you build your own unique reputation as a leader and attract more people to you. Develop your leadership around core values such as personal beliefs and ethics, adopting them into your business strategy and then help others to achieve what you have achieved. This way you develop more leaders who will in turn “pay it forward” and build their own great teams and therefore your business will grow too.

Team members will understand the leader because they are both trying to achieve the same goal and are in it for the greater good of the team, whereas managers are less understood in the team environment because of the management culture.


So, Where Does Sense Of Purpose Fit In?

As a leader in your MLM business it’s your task to build your business and your team. It’s your business so you can tell your sponsor that you are going to earn more than them, which is OK because it’s your business. If you were to tell a manager in a traditional company setting the same thing, most likely they would be upset or just thing you were mad!

If you can get your plan together around helping others and making it your sense of purpose to help your team members to reach a certain level in their business by teaching them to do this, then your own personal goals will be achieved more quickly because you are leveraging your new team members efforts too. Don’t disregard your own recruiting efforts, but you can set aside some time to help the others around you to achieve success and they will become leaders of their new teams. You will be considered as the right choice for your team members for them to work with to build their business, promoting them to do the same.

Leaders create leaders, management demand results.


What Does This Sense Of Purpose Achieve?

Basically, by adopting a true sense of purpose to help others, you develop your business in several ways:

  • Leadership
  • Duplication and leverage
  • A better income
  • A better business culture
  • A successful team of people to work with
  • Positioning yourself as a leader and expert in your field

Sense of purposeRemember to get a proper business plan. Eighty five percent of businesses in the UK don’t have a business plan according to government sources. Get yourself into the fifteen percent minority and make a bigger difference to your business because your goals are clearer and you can move towards achieving those goals.

So think about what is sense of purpose and how you can adopt your own to get better results and build a stronger business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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