Email Marketing StrategyOne of the most vital things needed these days in an internet marketing campaign is an email list. To be able to successfully adopt an email marketing strategy, you need to send out emails to potential prospects / customers automatically, but avoiding spamming people because you don’t have their permission to contact them. That is why you need an autoresponder service.

For some time now there has been an argument that we need to use the “double opt in” method. Using double opt in means that anyone who is on your list has clicked a link in an email they received from you verifying that they want to get emails from you. This was initially designed to protect you from spam complaints, but testing by some has proved that lots don’t “double opt in” because they have already given their permission to contact them by giving out their information in the first place and therefore don’t finish the subscription. It is a requirement to offer the chance to opt out so why double opt in? You choose the best method for you.

The companies who have developed autoresponders have all the systems in place to deal with opt in and opt out so we don’t have to worry about that part of the process. There are several companies online that offer this service for a small monthly fee; some offer the service for free up to a certain number of subscribers.

The system works this way:

1. Do your research and find the best autoresponder service for you and sign up. The first thing to do is to go through the training offered to set up your first list. This will then enable you to create what is called a web form and place it on your site to capture the information of those who want to find out more about you and your product or opportunity.

2. If you have attracted the interest of your website visitor they will hopefully leave you their information in your web form and opt in to your new email list. This will trigger the autoresponder to start sending out emails in the order you’ve set up. Everyone on your list will get one email after another in order as soon as they opt in. Remember that people’s interest is at its highest in the first few days so send the first message immediately and then no longer than 1 day later for each subsequent message.

What is the best way to get people to opt in?

Specifically it’s quite simple. The best way is to offer them something valuable for free. This could be a free report that helps to accentuate the problem they have and then show them there is a solution. Your capture page should also specifically ask the question around the problem that requires a solution and then entice the sign up by offering the solution.

Remember that VALUE is the key. It doesn’t matter whether your report cost you anything to produce, but if it gives value to the recipient, they are more likely to stay with you.

You may often see the phrase “the money is in the list”. This is the email list so taking the time and effort to build that list and build rapport and good relationships with the people on your list in the correct way; it’s like money in the bank.

Treat them right and that list can make you money with the push of a button for years to come. But just what do you have to do to treat them right? It’s more about what you don’t do than what you do.

For example, even though they’ve opted into your email list and agreed that they will receive emails from you, that doesn’t mean they want you to send them one sales pitch after another or keep hounding them to join you in your business (if you are in network marketing).

Email Marketing TipsSend them quality information that can help them achieve their goals on a daily basis and they will get to like and trust you. If they trust you and consider you to give great value, they will be more likely to join you in your business and buy your own products or affiliate products. This will be because they now see you as a leader who can mentor them to be successful themselves. It’s a good idea to send out two mails each day. One tells a story and has something you can share that offers the great value (always the first one), and a second that offers a product that will help your list to solve their problems. Don’t worry if some do opt out, it’s the ones who stay with you who are the most important to you because they want what you have to offer.

The best email marketing strategy is always to provide value and to treat the people on your list like highly appreciated customers. The old saying of “give and you will receive” is more than relevant when you have a large email list. Do things the right way and it’s a win /win.

To the future

Barrie Evans


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