don;t ask what is viral marketingI think it’s very possible in this day and age that we have all heard of but actually wonder what is viral marketing? Well, to explain this by thinking of things that are on the news and spread everywhere like a virus, hence the term “viral” and you may have noticed videos that get massive views very quickly because they have a quirk or are extremely popular so everyone shares them, which is when something goes viral online. Viral marketing is designed to have this “spread like wildfire” effect so that the person responsible can make a lot of money, or achieve the goal of the marketing content, very quickly.

What Is Viral Marketing – How Can I Get Into This?

If you have no experience in online marketing, then one of the first things you need to do is to educate yourself in the right ways to do this. If you have a home based business in network marketing and you’re looking to generate leads initially, you will need to find out how to market effectively FIRST. Then it will be down to the method you choose to market with, whether it’s social media marketing, video marketing or blogging etc. A great online training system that I use that is suitable for network marketers specifically is MLM Lead System Pro (or MLSP), which is a system that has been around for several years and has helped to develop many top marketers in the home business arena over those years. Check out MLSP here.

If you’re in a different kind of business, or perhaps interested in affiliate marketing and a system that can offer you a way to promote ANY kind of business as well as offering a means to provide affiliate products to help fund your advertising budgets, you could take a look at the 3 step system that I also use to help small business owners to develop their organizations. Check out the 3 step system here.

What Is Viral Marketing – I’m Educated, What Next?

what is viral marketingSo you have decided your marketing methods from the training you have looked at. You have educated yourself and now you’re ready to start to answer your question “what is viral marketing”?

When you know how to effectively market your product or service to your market, it’s time to get your specific targeted message out to your market. The more effective you can make your message and the more compelling, the better chance you have of getting your message to go viral. The important thing is to keep your message very specific and interesting to your followers. It will take time, unless your very talented or very lucky, to be able to make a big impression and build your influence.

Building your influence is one of the most important parts of “spreading the word” and you really need to be patient. There is no point in working hard to create and build your influence in your market if you blow it all by being impatient and losing your reputation because you do something silly because of that impatience.

We can all benefit with our message “going viral” massively, but it still needs to be ethical and right for people, not based on hype and what many people consider as “spammy”. As with everything concerned with marketing it needs to be engaging. When something is engaging to your audience you have a much better chance of it becoming content that can go viral.

So, having gone through your education, found out your marketing method and taken all the relevant training in your online marketing training system or affiliate marketing training system, you will then be able to take advantage of any of your content spreading like wildfire all over the place and going “viral”. You will then have the experience and be able to answer anyone who might ask you what is viral marketing? Have fun and go spread your message to your market well.

To the future,

Barrie Evans