what motivates youI’ve been asked many times by people “what motivates you to get up in the morning?” There have been several answers based on the time of my life and the type of work I was doing. Sometimes it was due to the fact that I would get more done and earn more money, or because I always get more done in the morning and so it’s better to get up and out to work or maybe it was just because of a weak bladder! Now I am driven to get up, not just for the purpose of business, but to help others to have success too.

What Motivates YOU Every Day?

I now ask you the question “what motivates you every day?” Would it be the fact that you can get up early to get a lot more done and please your boss in order to earn your money and perhaps a bonus, or is it to improve productivity for your business so that you can earn more money? Maybe you get up early because you just love the morning. Whatever it is, when you include helping others to achieve the success that you are achieving, then you are working for the people and for yourself together instead of just for yourself or a boss.

Do you think helping others to achieve when you achieve with them will bring you more satisfaction, or doesn’t that matter to you?

If you’re working your business online, you have to build trust and reliability in you and your brand without meeting many people who become customers or business partners. People are attracted to people who offer the value and help to them so that they too can be successful. Those who just look for the money may get some success, but will it last? When you get up in the morning, what motivates you? Is it the money or the people?

What Motivates You To Build A Team Of People Helping People?

what gets you up in the morningIn these days where there are a lot of selfish attitudes around, are you prepared to stand out from the crowd and help others to succeed or will it get in your way? When you’re motivated to help others to grow with you in your business, while helping them to grow too you will end up with a great team of people who will duplicate what you teach and your business will flourish.

A flourishing business is totally possible when you start with the attitude of “what can I do today that is going to make a difference in somebody else’s life?” Then you will be the leader and your team will follow you and become leaders themselves. The most successful sporting teams tend to be FULL of leaders or those more than capable to lead. How many times have you seen a war movie where the leader has tragically been killed and yet someone will step up to be the leader from that point on. These are the successful teams in history.

What motivates you to be a leader? When you can train and duplicate by creating leaders in your team, your success will be generated naturally and you won’t need to delegate because leaders step up when required. Helping people is not something to be ignored; it’s what should be motivating you to get out of bed in the morning.

To the future

Barrie Evans