If I were to start all over again what would I focus on ?

When I first started out in this industry I had wished I could watch someone actually build their business from scratch right before my eyes … Well, it never happened but I believe this article is as closest you’ll get …

If I Were To Start All Over

Here are 3 Surefire traits you need to have or go out and get right now to have a great start!

… If you want to have any shot at running a successful online business.

#1. Build your expert brand … (All it takes is 30 days or less)

… One of the things people love in this industry is the get quick rich factor. They want to know how to get in and out fast with money in hand. But their is no get rich quick… Today people join you for a number of reasons and the #1 reason is credibility and a expert brand!

#2. Get to work with the $ actions …

  • Market daily
  • Prospect daily (yes I speak to 2-3 people daily)
  • Touch bases with your list daily (a daily email)
  • Daily blog post and video
  • 1 or 2 forum posts

These are the actions that actually produce money. Yes training, web design, follow up emails, and etc  are important, but those actions that I mention above is what causes “Cash Flow”.

#3. Know what you’ll do after the sell

Most people cant recruit or make sales  because they don’t know what to do with them after the sale is made.

Believe it or not …

The more clarity you have after the sale the more success you’ll have sponsoring someone.

JMC Mason Rudolph is a Facebook prospecting expert and continues drive great content to the market place to train an inspire other marketers to be great!

He is the owner of Crack Your Own Damn Code “An Attraction Marketing Blog” ….

Thought Of TheDay…

No self doubt, no lack in info, no attachment… These are the keys to closing prospects daily 😉