what if you will succeedIsn’t it amazing how many people have the negative feelings based on “what if”?

What most fail to think of is there are two sides to everything; the negative AND the POSITIVE!!

So when you approach people with your business and begin to talk to them, they may agree to come along to a presentation and then the doubts start don’t they? What if I don’t get the people interested or what if I buy into this and I FAIL? Negativity, negativity and even more of the same…

Ask yourself this instead: What if I make a decision to do this with all the conviction I need and believe that with some work, I can achieve the income and life of my dreams?

Beating The Negative “What If”

Because what if is generally used in a negative way, we need to change the way we think about the statements we use following these simple and yet powerful words to change the way we THINK about our outcome and how we can move forward with the conviction and dedication to be able to achieve what we WANT to achieve instead of allowing ourselves to stay stuck in the rut that we have designed for ourselves by default following the educational “programming” we all receive from early childhood.

Thing is we are ALL born with the same opportunity. NONE of us are born to be successful or to fail, even though each of these things run hand in hand throughout our life.

How many times have you had success in your work and yet you have failed along the way? There is NOBODY who has not failed in order to achieve.

What if is a state of mind and it can be treated as the “norm” of NOT being able to do something, or finding an excuse not to do that something which could change your life. You don’t trust a lot of things because of bad publicity and so these “what ifs” come to the forefront of your mind. Do the research for yourself and be sure that you are going to do the right thing for YOU.

Instead of trusting the negative, look at the facts first. People say things like “network marketing doesn’t work”! WHAT? If network marketing doesn’t work, why is it that there are people who have made their fortune and have a tremendous lifestyle because of network marketing.

EVERYTHING has it’s challenges, but you need to look at these things based on their MERITS rather than the opinion of people who have not done the WORK to make sure they are successful.

I agree that there are times when you need support and in some cases you may not get that support. All that indicates is that you have started your business working with the WRONG people rather than it being the wrong thing for you. You need to banish the negative “what if” and replace it with one that says the opposite of your negative instinct and BELIEVE in that positive outcome.

Working With A Positive What If…

what if I failAlways remember that for nearly every negative, there is a positive. The human intention these days tends to concentrate on the negative because of the bad publicity that surrounds us on the news programs too. They say that “no news is good news” and so we are bombarded with negativity from all sources of media on a constant basis. For this reason they don’t look for the “good news” that can lift people’s spirit enough. For every one positive message, there seems to be more and more negative ones.

It’s not easy making any change with this constant attack on our psyche, but with the dedication to our own goals and ambitions we are more than capable of beating this. Worry breeds worry and this leads to those “what if” moments that can only lead to negative outcomes in our minds.

Being positive and changing the “what if” to one of belief in a positive outcome because that is very possible and can be just as likely as the negative. Have belief in your outcome and go through your day with the knowledge that everything is NOT bad. Think of the good things in your life and make a point of doing this every day. Write down at the end of the day the good things you’re thankful for that you have achieved or experienced throughout the day and keep them as a small journal. You will be surprised how many POSITIVE things you experience.

It’s far too easy to live life believing that there is so much bad in your life. Things like “I’m struggling” or questioning your very reason for things like “why am I doing this” only breeds the doubt and reinforces the fear of accepting that it’s YOU that is the cause of these thoughts and beliefs because you accept them in the first place.

What if you CAN do everything and you CAN have a business that will change your life and the life of your loved ones? There is ALWAYS a way, but it starts within you and not with others and their opinions. Believe in yourself and don’t dwell on the opinions of others who don’t have your vision, but who would rather give you “advice” based on their judgement instead of trusting in a positive outcome to your efforts.

Let WHAT IF be the start to your success story instead of your failure story. You CAN achieve because you can just as easily ask yourself “what if I achieve great success and have a wonderful life” as asking the exact opposite, which seems to be the default set in our mind.

To the future,

Barrie Evans