Afraid. STUFF ITOne of the biggest problems faced by home business owners can be FEAR! Whether it’s fear of doing video, fear of rejection or whatever you may feel, the important thing to do is to say “STUFF IT” to fear and these kinds of emotions that can hold us back.

Is Fear Welcome In Your Life? STUFF IT!

This article is about the spiritual in all of us and finding the way to combat the fear. I base it mainly on fear, but also on a book I recently read that basically tells us to say (I won’t use the actual expletive because this is a family show) STUFF IT to your problems. Problems are there because of our attitude to them. If we all had the attitude to say stuff it and then get on with our lives and actually DO what we set out to DO instead of worrying about consequences.

One thing is absolutely sure, if you dwell on might be and what if’s you will NEVER get things done satisfactorily and create a successful business and lifestyle. You must put yourself in a position where you are comfortable with saying stuff it to whatever is bothering you and get on with what you need to do. If you don’t do that, then it could be that fear IS welcome in your life.

STUFF IT – I Deserve Better!!

The basic fact is, we all deserve better from everything we do and the only way we stop worrying about consequences is to focus on outcomes to our work effort and stuff the consequences of those who knock us. It’s a known fact that not everyone will like us or agree with us, but there are those who will. Why worry about those who don’t agree with us when there are easily enough people who will and they are surely the people we want to be working with!

Beat fear with a stuff it attitudeStuff it, if somebody doesn’t agree with you, SO WHAT? You are an individual who is unique! Don’t follow the crowd and don’t worry about the numpties who criticize you because they have nothing else better to do! Believe me; they have it in for everybody because they don’t know how to put their own lives in order! Perhaps every person with the attitude of knocking people should say “STUFF IT” more often and then we would have a healthier attitude all round, who knows?

How can we get the benefits of the STUFF IT Formula. Quite easily in some ways, even though you may think it’s hard to master. We need to think of what we want from our work and business. What outcome we want and whether we have a strong enough WHY to be able to make it happen. When you have a very strong why you will be able to adopt the STUFF IT scenario and get to more success because your mind will block out the anxieties about what you fear simply because you have an attitude that now dismisses the fear as insignificant.

When you worry about an outcome or fear the consequences, usually negative consequences that is, think of what you want and physically say (or shout if it makes you feel better) “stuff it” and dismiss the negatives and concentrate on a positive outcome. It feels great!

To the future

Barrie Evans

P.S. If you want to know about the book I recently read that helped me overcome fear and develop an attitude of STUFF IT, Click Here.