marketing for leadsBeing in business, whether in traditional business or home business and MLM, the lifeblood of every business is customers. In direct marketing, customers come from generating leads. Much like multiple streams of income, where you can have several sources of income, you should, when marketing for leads, look for multiple sources to get leads from.

What are the benefits of multiple sources when marketing for leads?

If you have only one source of lead generation, and if that falters or fails, then you have no sources to work with. If you can find several sources, like about 10 – 20 for example, then if you lose one source, you still have the rest that are bringing in those leads for you. Remember that getting more leads will bring you more income. If you have developed multiple offers or have affiliated to offers that will help your new prospects to develop and earn as well, you will make more money.

Your email list is like gold, so build it and develop those relationships and find as many viable ways possible to get more leads to join your list.

You must TEST each source when marketing for leads.

When you have found useful sources to obtain leads, whether they are paid leads or not, the important thing is to track your results so you can find the best sources. This will benefit you greatly in the end because you will have a list of places that you KNOW will provide you with quality leads generally and take out the guess work.

Make sure you monitor your sources regularly in case there is a change. That way you will know if you need to give the source a “rest” for a while or find another that is more effective.

Testing and monitoring is essential to stay on top of the game when marketing for leads.

Methods of developing multiple streams of leads

When you are developing your list of sources to have multiple streams of leads in your marketing strategy, there are several ways you can get this working.

  1. Develop a blog and post good content, enticing people to sign up to your list with at least 5 ways to do so. You need a 90 day plan to develop this and a good blogging course would be advisable unless you are competent and confident to do this.
  2. Research as many free classified sites as you can and post different types of adverts for your product or opportunity.
  3. Find ezines in your niche that allow free ads. These may not be as effective as paid ads, but worth a try if you can write an effective ad that entices people to your offer.
  4. lead generationJoin forums in your niche and use a link to a capture page in your signature, which is another great way to develop and get more leads. Make sure you entice the click by offering a way to HELP people with the problem they have. This is the key to ALL marketing. If you don’t know what a capture page is, don’t worry. There is a lot of training available for this. There is a training facility that will help you develop these skills and provides you with many capture pages to products you can affiliate to within the system. You can find out more about that system here.
  5. Use paid marketing such as Google adwords, Facebook ads or Yahoo. All these are “pay per click” and you can set a daily budget that you can afford so you don’t overstretch yourself.
  6. Use solo ads – another form of paid marketing that is more targeted than free sites.
  7. Make use of web banners. You can get people to a capture page or your website / blog by using banners that can be posted to free or paid sources in your niche. The more traffic to the site where your banner is placed the better because you are more likely to get leads from those sources. A great place to advertise (and get paid to advertise) can be found by clicking here.

I hope these tips will help you to get the best from you efforts when marketing for leads. I hope to be reading about you as the next great success story soon

To the future,

Barrie Evans