ask searching questionsThis particular subject covers two different areas, That is both questions you ask yourself and questions you ask your prospects. When you ask better questions of yourself and your prospect, you’re in a better position to get your own mindset in better shape and also be able to determine what the needs of your prospects are so you can help them with their problems.

Ask Better Questions Of Yourself.

When you’re in a position where you believe you’re struggling, ask yourself why? Is this because of the questions you ask yourself? Remember one very important fact – your brain is designed to ANSWER questions.

So, if you ask yourself:

Why is this so hard? – What are you then likely to answer? Exactly – “Why is this so hard?” will most probably lead to negativity and disillusion. It will certainly lead to you not taking the action you need to take to progress in your business. DON’T do this.

Instead ask yourself:

How do I make this work? –  Then your brain will react to finding the solution for you and you will focus on the solution instead of the feeling of inadequacy.

Ask Searching Questions Of Your Prospect

When you’re building relationships with new prospects, it’s better to ask searching questions without appearing pushy. It’s your job to find out what the problems are that your prospect faces and you can then help them.

During the initial contact and conversation, try to find out what they currently do and also try to get a response that is going to give you a lot to work on from that point. Ask them what their ambitions are and find out what they want to achieve. These answers will help you to judge what you can do to help them and what you can offer in the way of value to them that will give them the outcome they are looking for.

This situation can be deemed to be a great way of starting to build trust in what you say and put you in a position of authority with your prospect.

Leverage what you know and also the products that you know will help the people you meet. If this is a product that someone else has, it doesn’t really matter because you are HELPING them and builds even more trust. Do you think that they will buy stuff off YOU when they know they can trust you? Of course!….

Don’t push your opportunity into your prospect. Ask your questions and get the answers. Offer help and then you can follow up with them later on, so get their details. Offer them the opportunity to get onto your email list so you can send them updates.

This doesn’t mean that everybody is not keen to hear more and find out about your opportunity. If the prospect appears keen and committed and is looking for more, then you can offer them the chance to look at your opportunity. It’s important to ask about three questions and get the answers to be able to assess this and move on.

Your prospect may be happy in what they do, but this doesn’t mean that they will not be interested in a great system to help them get more leads. If you have this and you KNOW it will benefit them, you can offer them this. (Find out about the system I use HERE) You have helped the person and given great VALUE to them. Bearing this in mind, do you think they will want to know more about what you have to offer them if they get disillusioned with the business they are in and they want to stay in the industry and yet don’t have great support. You already offered them support and they are NOT with you in business.

So, if you prepare yourself to ask better questions of yourself and your prospects and you can look forward to better results as you progress.

To the future,

Barrie Evans