inner urgeAre you motivated? If so, you will understand that you will get an urge to make great content and share your skills and knowledge with people in your team and your prospects in order to develop your business. The most important thing is that you make use of this inner urge and do whatever you can to get your stuff out there in whatever form you can to get the maximum from your idea.

What Motivates – Understand Your Urge

You need to understand the urge and think about what comes naturally. You get natural urges that will “make” you do what is natural when those urges show up. You need to learn to use your urge to create content and take advantage of everything we have at our fingertips these days.

Years ago when I was in a band and even after when I played my keyboards in clubs, I would have great ideas to write some music when I was working my “day job” and I always thought about buying a tape recorder, but thinking about it didn’t “do it” and I would have so many distractions I would forget what I was thinking about and then it was lost. This will happen to you too unless you take what is available and use it to make a note or record a short audio or video straight away!

You can record a short audio, write a note, send yourself a text message or email and even record a short video on a mobile phone these days. There is NO excuse to not have your idea available at any time. If you’re not in a position to get your idea out there because of a work situation, you need to put it down and revisit later. You need to build on the idea that motivated you to get yourself excited again and then drive your idea into being by taking advantage of your urge and take action.

How To Best Take Advantage Of This Urge

When you get really excited about the idea you have, no matter where you are, go and record it, write it or whatever you need to do immediately. If you’re on the phone with a friend and you are discussing something and all of a sudden you get a fantastic idea that is giving you a real BUZZ, cut the call short and go DO IT! It’s so important that you take action WHEN IT HAPPENS because you will be in the “flow” and your passion and authenticity will shine through.

People like a person who is authentic and they understand more than we can ever imagine about someone who “fakes” things. When you have the inner urge to do things, then do it! Your honesty, excitement, authenticity and passion are important for you and your business. Don’t worry about perfection because it’s more real when you  stumble a little. When you take action on your inner urge you will have the motivation to move on to a higher level.

I will finish with a very relevant quote from Hill and Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude:

Motivation is that which induces action or determines choice. It’s that which provides a motive. A motive is the “inner urge” only within the individual which incites him to action, such as an idea, emotion, desire or impulse. It is the hope or other force which starts an attempt to produce specific results.

To the future

Barrie Evans