sources of informationOne of the most important things to think of when building your knowledge and skills for your business is where you look for your sources of information. Who do you listen to when you have a problem to solve and you look for the right advice?

There are some who, when they have a financial problem will talk to their friend or family and ask what they would do. Problem being the people they tend to ask have the same problem themselves and therefore don’t have any solution so everybody stays the same.

Would you, if you were going to have your first child, ask advice from your parent, grandparent or experienced friend about things or would you ask an old spinster (or bachelor) from down the road who doesn’t even like kids and has no experience at all? Moral of this? Be careful where you get your information from.

How To Find The Best Sources Of Information

You are looking for the best education to help you get the skills you want to be able to progress in your business. When looking for sources of information you need not always look for the top people, even though they will usually have the most knowledge. Sometimes you’ll find that a person who is on the way up and growing their business and following could be the best fit for you because it’s current and everything is “fresh”.

Be very careful of the people who are merely “posturing” and trying to impress. Unfortunately there are some out there who are like that. These people tend to hint they know something but will tend to stumble and not be able to answer questions or even say something that doesn’t make sense. The rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true! Pick a couple of people who you think can help you. Don’t take everything as true until you run it through your own brain first! If it makes sense, TEST it and see if it works for you.

Choose your sources of information wisely and if you’re lucky you will acquire a mentor.

How Will I Know I Have Found The Best Sources Of Information?

To answer this question, you won’t really know until you have tested everything for yourself. You may have come across somebody who you feel a good connection with. What they say and do in their business really resonates with you. When you find this person, you should try to connect with them because it’s more likely they can help you. Don’t listen to too many people at once. This is because you could get one person says a particular method works best and another who will say exactly opposite. This will confuse you and that won’t help at all. When something resonates with you and you feel comfortable in what you see and hear, then it’s likely to be the right way for you.

You may have found your best sources of information. What you should do now is to try everything out. Make progress – you need to do this for 90 days before you can re-evaluate things. I know, some of you will say “I can’t wait 90 days!!” Question for you if this is the case – did you make any progress in the last year and are you making money? Yes – ok so this didn’t help, find something else that is a better fit for you. No – you have just wasted 365 days so you won’t try 90 to see if you can make progress? Think about it.

Whatever you learn you won’t forget. Another tutor will teach you other things, but you could find what you already know can be adapted to what you’re now being taught and you have found your own formula that you can teach others!

Someone will show up who will change your life. Choose your own sources of information and most of all choose your OWN way, not somebody else’s.

To the future

Barrie Evans