cycle of lifeAs adults we tend to live in what may be called a cycle of life. These can be based on memories and various points of our life where these memories derive from. This can cause us to have either a negative or a positive cycle that we continuously draw on in our subconscious mind. This can have a great influence on how we live our lives and how we deal with these life experiences over time. Some deal with them very well and others not so well. Question is, which cycle of life do you occupy?

What Can Cause A Negative Cycle Of Life?

The thing that influences your personal cycle of life is your thought process and the opinion you have of yourself. When faced with a negative influence you may have experienced things in your past such as criticism, ridicule, bullying, abuse, thoughts of failure and self doubt among so many other possible negative influences.

If these negative influences are allowed to affect your thought processes and take over your subconscious mind it will leave you often with feelings of self loathing and inadequacy. What this then tends to do is to lead to an opinion that nobody will listen to you, even if you have a really good idea. What you then do is to bottle things inside you and not speak. When you don’t talk to people about your ideas your feelings build up with the reasons why you don’t speak and put your ideas forward and it begins to “fester” in your psyche.

With these feelings come more inadequacy and you shrink into yourself even more and you tend not to listen to those around you and you bottle up your feelings even more.

This may be an extreme example, but essentially this is the principle of the situation you may be in.

After years of trying things I started working on my personal development and started to become more self aware. When this happened I believed there was something that was blocking me, and even though I didn’t understand what it was, with the help of a counsellor it was traced back to opinions that were given to me from 2 teachers in school. That, along with being surrounded by negativity in my home environment, led to the uneasy and horrible situation I felt about myself.

Remember that you are being held back for a reason. Finding that reason may even embarrass you in some way, but finding this out will make such a magical change in you that it will seem insignificant.

To find out if you are suffering from such negative thought processes, however insignificant it may seem you can ask some simple questions. Your primary thoughts govern your feelings so:

  • Are you doing what you truly WANT to do or have you accepted your lot because it’s the “sensible” thing to do and will provide you with security even if you are miserable doing it?
  • Are you REALLY listening to those around you?
  • Have you asked the people close to you if they are happy and what may be troubling them?
  • Do you propose change to promote an improvement in your job when you have a great idea or NOT do it simply because you FEEL you will be ignored?

If the answer to these things is a definite “yes” then you need to make some changes in your life.

What Influences A Positive Cycle Of Life?

cycle life loopPositive feelings from your childhood or other areas of your life that are prominent when you THINK about them will influence a positive cycle of life and help you to understand the change you need to make.

As a child, you always look towards a positive. You always believe you can jump higher, run faster and you will be awesome when you grow up. How many children to you know who, when asked what they want to be when they grow up will say “I want to be depressed and miserable in a very boring unfulfilling job”?

A child will be excited when they tell you what they want from life. What happened to that positive child with the world at their feet? You got taken over by what the system wants us to comply with rather than what we WANT to do. To some it may seem as though we are not being allowed to be happy, when in truth it’s not the system, but the thoughts within our head that trigger the opinions we have of ourselves that influences this.

There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of people will experience some happy childhood memories and feelings of love, praise, promotion, achievement, thoughts of success and self confidence during some stage of their existence. With this being the case, why is it that the negative things take over and have a greater influence? Because negative things have more power to take hold IF YOU LET THEM.

The positives are put to the back of your mind, which leaves the negatives as the major influence in your life. When you switch this around and remove the doubt, the positive thoughts will squash any negatives because good is far more powerful when it’s accepted into our heart and mind. Pushing positive thought aside and concentrating on the negative cycle of feelings described above leads to depression, misery and what we consider to be failure in life and business.

Embrace the love, the praise, the achievement and the happy memories that you have and base your cycle of life on those feelings instead and you will make a difference to both your life and your business.

To the future

Barrie Evans

P.S. A great read and a story that embraces everything I have spoken about here id Brendon Burchard’s book, Life’s Golden Ticket, which you can purchase here.