peaked my curiosityOne of the top marketers in the home business world, Diane Hochman says “curiosity creates the click”, which is very true. If you can write a headline that has “peaked my curiosity”, you will be well on the way to getting the click to read your post, email or even get the opt in to your email list. The opt in, the reading of your content or getting the sales page viewed is the outcome of any headline.

A Sexy Headline Peaked My Curiosity.

When you are able to write a “sexy” headline that creates curiosity, offers the solution to a problem you may have by it’s make up, then you will be onto a winner as long as your content at the other side of that click actually DELIVERS what the headline promises.

What a good headline does is to create a question mark in the mind of the person reading it so they say unconsciously “this has peaked my curiosity” and I must click the link, fill in my details and opt in or whatever is requested of them.

The congruence of your content to the headline and the delivery of the promised solution to the problem highlighted is very important. This will ensure that you get the prospect’s trust as soon as possible.

Solution To The Problem Peaked My Curiosity.

peak curiosityAny headline must be designed to leak curiosity, indicate a problem and a solution to that problem. It needs to pass the “So What? Who Cares? Test every time. If you write a headline and make it too “cute, clever or obscure” it won’t be appealing to any prospect and won’t be a good headline to achieve your outcome. Headlines must MEAN something to the prospect and should not be riddled with “business specific” jargon or wording that only people in the particular industry will understand, but NOT necessarily your prospect.

It’s vital that you put yourself into your prospect’s shoes when writing a headline and make sure you write it in everyday, understandable language that is familiar to them. As with the vast majority of business, it’s not about YOU, but about THEM. So…

  • Start by putting yourself where the reader of your headline is…
  • Look at the end result of what your prospect wants…
  • State how what you’re selling will provide the solution to a problem of attainment of desire

Example 1 – “Who else wants a proven system that brings leads into your business effortlessly?”

Problem to be solved – A lack of leads coming into the prospect’s business

Solution – the “proven system” that offers ways to get better lead generation.

Example 2 – “Here’s a quick way to get your blog to page one of Google!”

Problem – Poor ranking of a blog on Google

Solution – Way to get blog to achieve page one ranking.

Every headline has an end result and with the right offer that is congruent to these headlines it may be you get some sales right?

So, any headline that has “peaked my curiosity” has, in fact, done a lot more than that! The curiosity to find out more led to the click, the offer behind the headline did the rest. The headline “opens the door” for the prospect to walk in!

To the future,

Barrie Evans